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Top 5 Vidaai Songs For Indian Brides – Wedamor

It is indeed very tough for girls to leave their houses after marriage but they do it gracefully. No one can ever imagine the pain of the parents who give away their daughters to another home. This moment in the entire ceremony is the most painful one especially for the bride’s side of the family. […]

Plan your engagement party – Wedamor

Since you have a ring your finger, it’s a great opportunity to design a commitment party! Be that as it may, who hosts it? Who is welcomed? What’s more, when is the best time to have it? Here are a portion of the intricate details of arranging a commitment party. Yet, remember to contract your […]

Mehendi Function Ideas To Add Some Extra Fun And Entertainment!

Vivid colours, upbeat music and fascinating decor, Mehendi function is the most fun-centric out of all the ceremonies. To  make the event, more memorable,  plan really cool and happening activities that will involve all your guests and make them bond well. We have created a list of mehendi function ideas to add some extra fun […]

Maharashtrian Wedding Series-Pre-Wedding Rituals

Here, we discuss about simple yet endearing Maharashtrian wedding rituals. This is the Maharashtrian Wedding Series which will focus on pre-wedding rituals, during the wedding rituals and post-wedding rituals of the wedding that will give you the ultimate guide to decode Maharashtrian weddings. Firstly, let’s take a look at the pre-wedding rituals that begin once […]

Ideas And Steps To Design Your Own Wedding Hashtag!

Wedding Hashtags have become a thing at weddings since the last year. Couples usually come up with hashtags after their wedding is fixed or after they are engaged which they use it for everything in their wedding be it wedding invites or personalized gift hampers.  Source Wedding hashtags are also a great way to create […]

Using PINTEREST For Wedding Planning- The Brides Guide

Pinterest is an American social media web and mobile application company. It is a software designed for saving and discovery of information using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos. By saving images and creating boards, here is how Pinterest can be used for wedding planning guide. Take a look. Fresh and new […]

How to Choose Music for your Wedding? – Wedamor

What is the world without music? On one of the most important days of your life, your playlist needs to be on point! Creating this soundtrack is obviously a big deal. From picking your favorite songs, your significant other’s favorite songs, to the songs you adore as a couple. It is quite stressful. Therefore, it […]

Heart Warming Advertisements To Watch Before Wedding! – Wedamor

When the word wedding is mentioned the first thing that crosses the mind is planning or hosting the wedding. It doesn’t matter if you have hired a wedding planner or are planning the wedding by yourself, there would be a bit of stress involved. And to avoid that stress people would suggest you many ways […]

Cool And Fun Prop Ideas For Your Wedding Photobooth!

Photo Booth – oodles of fun, great moments captured, and tons of interesting photos. Nowadays, it is common for every wedding to have a photo booth especially during at least one of their function like mehndi. So, we bring you cool and fun prop ideas for your wedding photo booth. Balloons Source Source Colorful balloons […]

Classic Evergreen Bollywood Wedding Movies – Wedamor

For some reason, movies always have a way of setting us in a better mood. They are the best source of entertainment and are extremely lovely if you want to spend some time with a loved one. Movie dates are extremely popular as well and work out too! The film industry is one of the […]

Bridal Solo Dance Choreography You Can Learn While You’re Staying Home

Cancelled your wedding due to this pandemic? Now are planning to get married by the end of the 2020 or directly in 2021? This pandemic is actually a blessing in disguise for you. You get ample time to plan your wedding more efficiently. One thing which definitely requires time and practice is the Sangeet dance performance. […]

Bollywood Movie Marriage Proposals That Will Melt Your Heart

The airport scene in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na where Jay rides a horse on the streets of Mumbai to stop Aditi from leaving and asked her to marry him followed by the chase inside the airport that gave us the chills. We all wanted someone to call us from behind and have that dramatic […]

Best Sangeet Night songs to groove on

Bollywood and weddings go hand in hand. It is not surprising since Bollywood and Indian marriages share some similar patterns- Larger than life, Dramatic and Sentimental to say how it has influenced the weddings in real life. All thanks to some of the great Indian filmmakers like Karan Johar, Sooraj Barjatya, Aditya Chopra and Sanjay […]

Best English Songs For Your Reception Dance – Wedamor

After the wedding ceremony is completed and the couple is officially declared as husband and wife, it is time for celebration. And to celebrate the union of a couple, a reception is hosted so that the people they know can congratulate them. The reception is the first event that a couple attends as husband and […]

All the Wedding Exhibitions You Need To Know – Wedamor

Indian weddings are indeed getting bigger and fatter. Better living conditions are the biggest reason for making them larger than they have ever been. Bridal shopping is the most exciting part of the process of wedding planning. These days, wedding shows have become equally important to the exclusive curation of designers and jewelers. 1. The […]

Absolute Best Bollywood Sangeet Songs to Dance on!

Absolute Best Bollywood Sangeet Songs to Dance onThe fun and excitement surrounding a ladies sangeet is unparalleled! There is nothing better than having your girl squad with you on your life’s most important journey and being there in full force to cheer, groove, unwind and make meaningful memories with you. And hence we understand all […]

Perfect Sangeet. – Wedamor

  How to plan a perfect sangeet? The weddings are all about the pheres, varmalas, decoration and the food. But, how many of you really paid attention to the enjoyment associated with the Sangeet function? I think, it the one of the most difficult task of planning the entire wedding. Though this is a cliché […]

7 Bachelorette Game Ideas That Don’t Actually Suck!

Apart from hitting the club or chilling in the pool, there are some other ways too which can help you spice up your bachelorette party! Playing games is the best way to add fun and drama to your party.The best part about games is that you don’t any luxurious location or grand celebration to play […]

5 Songs For Your Cocktail Party – Wedamor

Everyone says that you should never miss a chance to dance. And it’s a tough task to decide some of the best party songs for your cocktail party. But, here we are to soothe your musical blues. The Bollywood industry is a treasure for everyone to make the perfect list of songs to groove on […]

5 Songs For Bridal Entry – Wedamor

Which bride doesn’t want a perfect entry on her wedding day. I guess, every girl needs this and have dreamt of this moment since her childhood. It is indeed a tough job to finalise the song for the bridal entry. It should be a magical and heavenly moment for everyone present over there. But, sometimes […]