7 Most Stunning Bridal Satladas- If Chique and Elegant is the way you roll!

Weddings are special. Not just because they mark the union of two people deeply in love, definitely not because they are what a girl and her family dreams of, for all their lives. Wedding is not a woman’s only dream, but it is a celebration of finding a companion to cherish all those dreams that she has achieved so far and the dreams that she is yet to achieve. It is a celebration of finding somebody who would hold your hand even in the darkest of times. The darkness would certainly not disappear magically, it would just be slightly more bearable. It is a quest to find love, but more importantly a solid partnership.

As you walk around the fire to consolidate that partnership for all your 7 births henceforth, try ornamenting in a beautiful and traditional Satlada or seven strand necklace, to reaffirm the vows you take along with the saat pheras.

Herewith, I present to you seven gorgeous Satlada necklaces each representing the magical bond that you share with him. Try holding onto those tears lady, save them for your vidayii.

1st Phera, Simple six strand diamond necklace


simple, elegant bridal satlada

Image Source- https://i.pinimg.com/564x/cd/9b/ce/cd9bceeb2134ef35b47e79705abf593c.jpg                                                                       The 6 strand necklace (modified from the traditional 7 strand Satlada haar) cherishes the precious yet simple moments that you share with him. The modest rose cut diamonds and the yellow gold stands for every time he knows what you need, even before you say it out loud. As for saying “thank you…I love you”, trust me girl he already knows.                                                                                             2ND Phera, Tribal Satlada

Traditional is not everybody’s suit. If trendy and Bohemian is your style, then the tribal Satlada is just the pick for you. This necklace would not only be different from the usual Satlada designs, it would celebrate the way he cherishes who you are. The way he is spell bound by your crazy antiques and never stops you from unleashing your spontaneous and wild self.















Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/26/d4/b2/26d4b2264951d15fdf8ef16ed8d628df.jpg




3rd Phera: Traditional heirloom Satlada

They say heirlooms are blessings. Traditional and aesthetic, studded with polki diamonds and pearls, this necklace is bound to bring those tears back in your mother’s and grandmother’s eyes when they first see you in the bridal attire. Representing your family’s approval and acceptance of your partner, take all the ancestral love as you embark upon a new journey to uphold your family values and traditions, but at the same time maintaining your sense of self.








Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/f5/b1/63/f5b16317fd50069dfe829897fcde83e3.jpg













4TH Phera, South Indian Multilayer Necklace


Image source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/636837203540638122/


Not your traditional Satlada, this multilayer South Indian necklace is an interplay of pearl, gold and diamond ornaments. Elegant yet quirky, regular but not that usual it stands for the balance that makes your bond so special.

The floral diamond beads with alternate golden peacocks would blend right into the simplistic style of your traditional kanjeevaram but leaving behind an everlasting taste of exquisite.



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5TH Phera, Contemporary Satlada

Hip and beautiful, here is the contemporary Satlada for the modern you. Might not be your mother’s cup of tea. But this necklace stands for his firm believe in you, and his consistent support even when the whole world may not approve. Being a women we are always at war with societal ideals, putting forth our opinion and having it our way be it in any line of work, is exhausting. This necklace signifies that at the end of the day, there is that one person in the population of 1.2 billion crore who would accept you and love you for who you are.  You may not be “the ideal woman”, but you are the ideal you…and that is enough.







6TH Phera, Silver Collar Necklace

A Satlada is a multi-layered necklace, it does not always necessarily have to be studded with diamond or pearl beads. This necklace initially has a choker like structure and eventually it goes on to spread and take the shape of a Satlada. For the partners in crime, cheers to all the drunk stories and adventurous memories you share and more years of it, that is yet to come. Here is an ode to your boho way of life!











Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/96/f7/24/96f724f01ddece4b4716e5f5043d0f97.jpg














7TH Phera: Kundan Satlada

Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/99/3c/89/993c896fe9326518cb0f7b8581d2961d.jpg

Kundan is my personal favourite. If you are looking for a particularly elegant and chique couture for your wedding day then what are you waiting for. Deck up in the regal kundan Satlada and honour your inner majesty. Anyways you are the queen of his dreams.

Tips: Keep a handkerchief on you. I know it is always his duty to carry one. This time he might need it to wipe of those tears of adoration, fondness, excitement and foremost love, when he sees you as a bride for the first time. Not so macho, eh?!