7 Super Hand Accessories to glamorize your shaadi-waala look!! – Wedamor

Wedding season has begun and the wedding preparations have kicked off!

The D-day is the most important day of a bride’s life. Her mind has billion things to think about and plan. We at Wedamor help in doing just that and try to make the day perfect and unforgettable for our bride to be!

No matter how beautifully a bride is decked up, her look is incomplete without the perfect accessories for her hand!! However the Indian brides’ hand accessory choices are not just limited to the traditional churiyan or bangles anymore!!

 So, we bring you today 7 amazing hand accessories that will beautify those kalaaiyan of our brides even more!!

No.1 Haathphool

It seems like this season haathphools are in vogue!! This gorgeous piece of accessory can actually accentuate your entire look and make your mehendi waala hands stand out!!

The variety available in the haathphools is also amazing!! From the traditional floral designs, gota-patti and chakras to the new minimalistic pearls and chain designs!!

No.2 Bangles

Bangles have been and will always be the absolutely quintessential gehena of our brides!!

The vibrant colors and chhan- chhan of the bangles are a must for every bride!! You can either go for bangles that suit your traditional wedding like red for north Indian bride to be, green for a Maharashtrian bride, shakha pola for the Bengali brides to be and so on. Mix and match can also be done. Just be creative!!

The bangles can match your lehenga color or you can do just the opposite and go for a color in total contrast of your dress!!

No.3 Kangans or heavy pair bangles

It seems that “maa ke kangan” are not actually overrated!! They truly are integral part of hand accessories and thus have made it to our list!! They are quite versatile and you can either wear them alone or along with the bangles!!

The kangans are special because even 2 of these can make your hand look heavily bejeweled!! You can go for kangans with filigree work, intricate designs or delicate carvings.

A good pair of kangans or kadas can really add a dainty and regal touch to your overall look.

No.4 Cocktail rings

There are just two words for our next hand accessory: Bold and beautiful. I think these rings actually make a statement and will absolutely steal the look!

You can go for big stones, quirky shapes, classic pearls, flowers or even diamond and gem inlays.

It’s a perfect choice for your cocktail party dress or your reception party gown!!

No.5 Bridal Choodas

With the increasing homogeneity in our cultures allover India, all are brides seem to love the bridal culture of Punjab. Today not only the Punjabi brides but almost every other Indian bride seems to don the traditional red and white choodas! They actually carry the typical bridal essence with them and you will definitely want to wear them on your wedding.

As per the customs you can wear them for a month or even a year. But it’s your choice whether to wear them for such a long period of time or just on wedding and reception.

No.6 Kalire

Another of the beloved Punjabi and Sikh wedding jewelry: kalire are now worn by every other Indian bride. The diverse collection of kalire types is overwhelming and you can either go for the traditional gold kalire or more chic and stylish, the floral ones!

Kalire are actually one of the most fun pieces of bridal jewelry, you will ever come across, so do not miss the chance and enjoy!!

No.7 Watches

Watches are not really the typical hand accessories, a bride usually looks for, and that’s what actually makes it more unique!

A Simple watch studded with a diamond or two is totally chic and classy! It never goes out of style and is simply timeless.

Bonus for the brides to be!!


No.8 Bracelets or ring bracelet, Corsage and harness

Now we bring few chic options that do not fall in the category of convention Indian wedding hand accessories but are amazing nonetheless!!


For the brides who feel less is more, this is perfect opportunity to rock your minimal look. Bracelets exude elegance and that’s the reason you should definitely go for them.

The plethora of diversity available in bracelet types and design is going to leave you speechless!

You can pick a charm bracelet, bracelet with gem inlays, a diamond bracelet or even a simple gold bracelet. It’s bound to turn heads!! Bracelets attached to rings are a rage.


Corsage is not really an Indian jewelry but something that we have borrowed from our distant neighboring countries and believe me, it’s a great idea! You can wear it with your engagement dress or lehenga and it’s bound to add its own charm to your look!!


Harness is another chunky yet classy piece of jewelry that looks absolutely stunning and you get a diverse range in them to pick the one that would suit you. It’s actually modernized version of our traditional haathphools!!!

No.9 Armlets or baajoobandhs

This is a total head turner!! All thanks to our south Indian weddings, this piece of jewelry is worn around your arms and looks so charming! You can wear it with your lehenga or even a sari.

Now , our brides can easily sing “Mere haathon mein naye naye accessories hain“!!