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This is one of the most important makeup sessions of your life, and you need to nail the look just right. While choosing and perfecting your look for the big day, there may be a few basics that you are likely to overlook. And that is the purpose of this article. Here, we have for you a few hygiene factors which will ensure that you avoid any big mistakes on your special day. 

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Changing Your Skin Care Regimen

Naturally, in the days leading up to the wedding, you want to take the best possible care of your skin, and you may be trying out new skincare regimens for the same. But it is not a great idea to experiment with something new and different close to your wedding. In case your skin reacts negatively to one of the products, it won’t have time to recover. 

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Skipping The Trial

Trust us; it is better to shell out extra money for that trial makeup run. You will thank yourself later. You must do this, especially if you are trying something very elaborate and new. In case it does not suit you, then you will have ample time to think of a new look. Also, try and schedule a trial well in advance so that if the first trial doesn’t go well, then you can schedule another one. 

Blindly Following A New Trend

New trends are well and good and may look very, very appealing. But your priority should be to choose something that will look good on you. If you are going with a trend, consult with your friends and have a trial to see whether the look suits you and your attire before making a decision. 

Getting The Foundation Right

The foundation makes or breaks your entire look. Hence, getting the right colour is crucial. If you have a foundation that has been working well for you for ages then go ahead and use that for the wedding too. You need not opt for a fancy label just because it is your wedding, feel free to go with your trusted products. 

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Overdoing Your Eyes

Take it from us; eye makeup is very, very crucial. An overly done smoky eye or a too colourful butterfly effect can undo your entire look. If you are going for an elaborate eye-makeup ensure that you have an experienced MUA who has created similar looks before. Again, go for a trial. 

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Not Using Waterproof Makeup

You will probably remember to use waterproof eyeliner and mascara, but that alone will not suffice. If you cry or sweat, it will affect your face and neck too, so ensure that the foundation and concealer you use is also waterproof. 

Shimmer Not Glitter

Indian MUAs have a habit of applying glitter as a part of face makeup. If you want a shine on your face, then shimmer and not glitter is what you should go for. Let your MUA know in advance that you do not fancy glitter. 

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Forgetting Body Makeup

Often you do not allocate enough time and pay enough attention to body makeup. All the exposed parts of your body, your arms, necks and shoulders should be of the same shade as your face. Even if the difference is not readily visible to the naked eye, it will look jarring in pictures. 

Not Taking Care To Prevent Makeup From Getting On Dress

If you have a dress that you can step into, then this will not be an issue. But if you have something that has to be worn over the head, then either cover your face adequately or better yet wear the garment before applying makeup. 

Having said all that, remember to brief your MUA about your skin type and if it has any allergic reactions to any products. We hope that these tips were useful and help you avoid any major makeup mishaps.