Beach Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal! – Wedamor

Beach weddings are popular all year as they’re the most romantic and soothing. Beach weddings have so many things to offer. From stunning scenery and rhythmic wave sounds to the cooling sunshine and breeze, it has everything. While high winds and sand can make a party difficult. Yet here we have some fantastic beach wedding decor ideas that will definitely inspire some couples. 

1. Big Beach Pillows

Keep guests out of the sand and be comfortable with large fluffy pillows on the beach. This not only gives the guests relaxation and space to relax but also helps the entire event look more put-together. One of the main issues beach weddings couples have is keeping their guests happy, and this is a perfect way to make them comfortable. 


2. Hats

There are several ways to keep your guests cool during your outdoor wedding.  For some, the best solution is a hat. We love the off-white fedoras presented at the wedding. Not only were they a classy way of combating the heat, but guests were also able to wear them after the wedding was over.


3. Candles In Glass Jars

Buy some pure wax candles in bulk, just make sure they are not teacup candles, as your guests should be able to see through these glass jars. Hold the candles by the wick and put them inside each glass container, so that each candle is ready to be lit while the jars are placed around the aisle. The length of the glass jars should keep the wind from blowing out the candles, giving you the perfect, natural light that only real candles will have.


4. Themed Wedding Bags

Welcome guests with presents to your wedding to make them appreciate warmer weather. You can give them towels, sunglasses, boxed water and more.


5. A Yummy Wedding Cake

An entirely white buttercream base allows you to make your cake as summery as you wish. The professionals did it with lots of warm and weather patterns, such as lemon slices, exquisite green leaves, orange florals and a bright yellow drip pattern.


6. A Touch Of Tropical Elegance

Many planners have incorporated natural simplicity through the sandy backdrop of dark wood. A dark wood chivari chairs to contrast soft white sand with a dark wood canopy can be put.


7. Fans

If you need another way to help your guests beat the heat if your ceremony takes place in an outdoor area, then fans will help you.


8. Rustic Wooden Signs

A sweet sign like this not only helps guests, it also gives your guests a great photo spot, to mark officially their entry on your big day. You can either purchase it or create it on your own.


9. Flavored Water

Normally, water is a must at a summer wedding, but it doesn’t have to be plain. Serve it flavored by using the fruit sliced to make the refreshment a little more attractive. 


10. Fuschia Explosion

Pink lovers, this arrangement of all fuchsia decor is for you. One piece of advice: Introduce a soft shade, to balance the over-the-top color spectrum.


11. Funky Pineapple

These are very easy to make. And it will entertain your guests throughout the wedding. It is great for selfies. You just need to have cool sunglasses and solar string lights.


12. Tiki Torches

The use of tiki torches at a beach wedding has two advantages. The first is that the smoke emitted by burning oil naturally repels flies and other insects and it provides light to your wedding guests when the sun goes down.


A beach wedding would really not be completed without a tiki torch.