The engagement ring is supposed to be worn on the left ring finger as this finger has a vein named Vena Amoris, which means a “vein of love,” which goes right into the heart, and so it must be very unique and elegant to have a ring connecting to the heart.

However, finding the best among the best is quite a tough job, and to help you a bit, here we present you some of the most trendy engagement ring designs in 2020 so that you can surprise your better half with something world-class. 

1. Rose Gold Ring

Rose gold has become a sensation for a while now and looks like it is not going anywhere soon. The love of rose gold can be taken a step further by incorporating morganite gemstones with rose gold settings. Morganite has a soft pink hue and a shiny finish, and it looks stunning when mixed with rose gold. Or, to make it more brilliant, you could add rose gold to other metals.


2. A Royal Green Sapphire Ring

This ring is made for you if gold and diamond are not your types. Wear a Green Saphire Ring and look royal on you D-day.



3. A Black Diamond Ring

Black or Carbonado diamond is so rare. This brilliant-cut with a halo makes the stones even brighter and we absolutely love that!


4. Halos With Cushion Cuts

Cushion cuts with halo settings are incredibly common this year. Cushion cuts on their rounded edges are distinctive and the halo setting makes the ring look bigger.


5. 3 Stone Setting Ring

A three-stone ring is never out of fashion, it’s almost like a classic look. The three stones are the past, the present, and the future of the couple. However, there are certain twists and tweaks that can be more modern. Along the side of a solitaire, two-colored stones with a halo setting or twisted bands with stones on the side, where the bands come together with the central diamond, is a more interesting idea.


6. Lovely Pear Shape Ring

You can wear this unique moissanite ring in a pear shape that looks elegant and is perfect for the brides.



7. A Square Ring With A Studded Stones

You can go for a square one if you’re not a big fan of an all-round ring. This ring is a great surrounded by beautiful stones.



8. Gold Floral Ring

If you love gold as well as floral design, this ring is definitely for you. Wear an amazing large floral gold ring that is perfect for your red bridal lehenga!



9. Stackable Ring

Stackable rings are meant to be stacked with two or more rings for more suspense and style snd trust me, it’s the best part.



10. Vintage Inspired Ring

A ring that looks like an heirloom even though it isn’t–it holds the feel of a vintage luxury ring. Luxurious and unique! Find an art deco or Victorian flair, and you just can’t be wrong.


11. Heart Ring

These heart-shaped rings would definitely win the heart of your lady. We recommend you select White Gold or Rose Gold when you pick a heart-shaped ring!


12. Gem Ring

A big green ring of precious jewels and studded stones are ideal for the stylish brides. If the bride is wearing a multicolored lehenga with floral patterns, then this is the ring for her!


13. Reverse Split Shank Ring

It’s a style that includes a band that leaves from the center. Such styles normally have a noticeable gap between the band as they go around the finger.


So, these were our top 13 engagement rings for your brides. Please tell your favorite one in the comments section below.