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Brides these days are modern, not only in their thinking but also in the way they dress up. There is a lot of difference in the way these brides style themselves, their makeup and accessories as compared to olden days. A lot of importance is given to their clothing, jewelry, accessories, and every small detail. They spend days deciding what and how to wear, how to be different from other brides. There is so much information on the internet these days.

There are ideas to take inspiration from, celebrities to guide you with their looks. There are special blog writers and websites to show how you can make your outfit and your whole look traditional yet different from others.


Thinking about your dress, there are many elements you need to focus on. The color of your dress, if the color will suit you or not, the design of the blouse, the accessories to carry with it, heels to wear, makeup as well as jewelry. One such important element is your ghunghat or the veil. These days like everything else, this has fallen into the experimenting zone as well. Some brides use separate dupattas for the veil, long veils with lehengas are considered for a fashionable entry, different styles are followed. Knowing about beautiful ghunghat/veil styles for brides to follow can be helpful.

Importance of Bridal Veil/Ghunghat

Veil holds importance in most religions. Most people define it as a mark of respect, respect towards all the elders of both the families. As a wedding ritual, it symbolizes the groom making the bride her life partner and lover along with the parents revealing the bride to the new family.

Few religions include parents covering their daughter’s head with a veil which is then replaced by a veil given by her mother-in-law. This means giving away the responsibilities of the old household and taking the new ones. This is a symbol of starting her new life, being a new member of the all-new family, and taking over the new relationships as a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and others.

Bridal Veil Styles

Some beautiful ghunghat/veil styles for brides to follow are:

Reviving Trends


These days most brides like to turn towards reviving old fashion trends and living them on their special day. One such fashion that celebrity brides have also come out with again are veils or ghunghat covering the whole face. These look good as well as traditional. But the material of the veil should be something light and see-through.

Long Veils

Along with the veils that cover your face, there are long ones that run behind you. This gives a beautiful touch to your entry, making it much more grand and special.

Half Veils


Half veils are another trend, famous these days. Brides cover half their face like just covering the till the eyes or the forehead part for having a better view of their makeup and style. Few may just cover only their heads, depending on their cultural beliefs.

Contrasting Colors

Color contrasting is a trendy way to look unique and stylish. Doing the same with your veil like taking a dupatta with a contrasting shade, a different material, or design can make your whole look exclusive.

Double Dupatta

These days many brides follow the trend of wearing double dupatta with their lehengas. Like one separately just for the veil, styling it uniquely with the other one. It might be heavier or lighter in style and work than the actual dupatta with the lehenga.

Along with playing with the styles of the veils, you can also play with the material like using net or silk dupattas. There can different designs like the ones with pattern or lace at the edges, bead, or sheer work at the borders or just a plain dupatta for a simple and sober look.