Face Rituals

Do you ever feel like your skin is absolutely clean and flawless until the day before a very important event? Yeah, that might be the story of every girl on this planet. Who cannot really afford such a thing, is a Bride before her wedding day. But, not all of us can even afford the luxurious celebrity care. As much as the brides try their best to avoid the popping of pimples and rashes before the big day, sometimes it leads them exactly to those ‘ugly surprises’. Its probably because of all the scrubbing and exfoliation tips they read here, on the internet. Trust me when I say, every skin type is unique. You have to know your skin well enough before you try a new product or even home made remedies.

This article is not about all the fancy things you could use to transform your face overnight. Instead, we’ll tell you ways to add to your beauty rituals that are most natural to your face and skin type. The most apt process to bring out your natural beauty for your wedding day the very next day.

Before you go to sleep, follow these beauty rituals and there will be no ‘surprises’ tomorrow.

Eat your dinner right

Obvious to your excitement and temptations to eat all your favorite food, its best if you stick to plain ‘ghar ka khaana’. If its spoiling your mood, sure go ahead and go out for dinner with some considerations in mind. Try to avoid too salty, cheesy, oily, spicy or heavy on stomach food items. It can mess up with your stomach and your face too, yes it can. Don’t skip dinner or any meal. Don’t get drunk enough to give you a bad hangover next morning and ruin your natural glow. Best to give the authority to one of your best friends or kins to keep the number of glasses in control. All in all, don’t try something new and keep it light on your stomach.

Sleep with a clean face

You can chill or get drunk with your besties as long as you want the night before your wedding. But, Do Not go to bed without washing your face. An unclean face during the sleep will make your face oily and patchy the next morning. Use your own regular face wash and rinse it well with lukeworm water. Apply rosewater with a gentle dab of cotton after face wash to hydrate the skin, its mild so no reactions there. Don’t try products you have never tried and tested before. Scrubbing is alright so long as you don’t scrub it too hard, it might lead to redness. Moisturize face and neck area with a night cream (if you use one) or your face cream thoroughly.

Brush your teeth

I can’t write this without sounding like a mother of a 5 year-old in my head. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to sleep. It is a mandatory beauty ritual for ‘everyone’. Seriously though. It does makes a difference.


Don’t thread your brows and upper lips

Do it, obviously. I meant, Don’t Do it the night before the wedding day. Its risky business. You might have a cut while doing it and there you’ll have a pimple or bruise pop-up like a toast. I would recommend getting it done 4-5 days before D-day to avoid last minute troubles.

Pack a kit of back up make-up

Should anything goes missing at the spot, or in case the make-up artist decides not to show up. That’s highly unlikely though, but its no harm to keep Plan B at times, like your wedding. Just go through the process of getting ready in your mind. Recall the basic/small/most important things. Like, a sewing kit, hairspray, transparent nail paint, extra pair of sandals, lots and lots of pins, your own make-up products, extra eye lashes, perfumes, mouth freshner etc. You can start packing a few days before, while thinking about the needs in your own good time. This bag will be the saviour of your beauty rituals.

Sleep enough and keep yourself hydrated

Indian weddings can be exhausting to the core. Even for the brides, its stressful (Good stress, but stressful). Drink lots and lots of water (best if the water is warm with a pinch of honey). Eat healthy and light. Remember to lie down for at least 2 hours during daytime and take 8 hours of proper sleep. We all know those dark circles and tiring look. Have a good sleep to avoid those. Meditate for 15 minutes before you sleep and first thing in the morning. It’ll calm you and release you off the pre wedding jitters.

Pink Lips

Nothing extra, gently apply and massage (round manner) vaseline with a tad bit wet cotton right before you’re off to sleep. If you follow this regularly in your night routines, you’re good to go. It rejuvenates the blood circulation and flushes in the natural pink of lips.


You don’t need the chemically induced golden glow girl! It’s the best day of your life, you’re happy and you will already be glowing with that smile.