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 Lehenga tassels are the most underrated beauty addition and are often not given its due importance. Generally, people spend minimum time in choosing a tassel for their lehenga or sometimes completely ignore buying one. But little do they know that a single lehenga tassel can enhance your whole outlook. There must have been times when you wore an expensive lehenga and still felt like something is missing from it, right? Wear a beautiful tassel to complement with your lehenga and you will find that it is all you have ever needed to transform your good-looking lehenga into a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous attire!

A tassel can be worn at the back of a deep need blouse, added to the ends of the dupatta, can be tethered to the hip portion of the lehenga choli, or even can be attached to the top of high heeled slippers.

Most Beautiful Designs For Lehenga Tassels

Go beyond that simple, homely tassel and pick from some of the beautiful designs for lehenga tassels in here:

Fringe Tassels

designs for lehenga tassels

Fringes always lend a pretty feeling to any style of attire, any type of material and any type of wear. Tassels made of fringes are really tasteful to use. This looks best when it is used as a hip wear of lehenga choli or in the form of knots in a deep necked blouse in the back. The fringes near the hips add a beautiful pattern of bounce with your every move and it makes the lehenga look super cute!

Pearl Tassels

designs for lehenga tassels

To offer a luxurious look, Pearl Tassel is the best option. A neutral pearl tassel can be paired with many different dark colored lehengas. The contrast of the pearl against a dark color choli will make the tassel stand out. A beautiful white tassel can never fail to add an ‘oomph’ factor to your lehenga. Or a multi-colored tassel like this one will enhance its neighbouring color and projects a cool look.

Goti Tassels

designs for lehenga tassels

The goti tassel is one of the traditional tassels which started as a handmade one earlier. The goti tassels can complement the complete traditional wear with the beautiful, big sized goti. This rounded goti makes for the perfect accessory for both the blouse and hip wear.

Beaded Tassels

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Imagine cute little beads stringed together! It would make the perfect, elegant and simplistic tassel for those who do not want to go for the rich, glittery ones. The beaded ones are one of the best designs for lehenga tassels for the sophisticated, artful wear which does not steal the show from the lehenga but instead, supplements to better the loveliness of the lehenga.

Mirror Tassels

The craft with mirrors is one of the kind, with the whirlwind, sparkly reflections. The oversized tassels with mirrors do have an attraction to its own that makes it very hard to not notice it! From plain mirrored tassels to colorful ones, this is one of the rich designs for the lehenga tassels for a rich, stunning view.

Gunghroo Tassels

The tiny gunghroo adds an ounce of fun and playful elegance to the tassels. If you get the gunghroo tassels with the chirpy sounds, then it would be a great accessory to wear. The chimes of the gunghroo along with the swing of the tassels will be one great sight to look at! For all those cool girls out there, get a gunghroo tassel and flaunt it around your hip!

Stone Tassels

designs for lehenga tassels

The shiny stones are great to fill in and top up with vibrant beauty, these stone tassels are suitable mainly for the tassels at the hip. 

Thread Tassels

designs for lehenga tassels

Thread Tassels is one of the most colorful designs for lehenga tassels. Pair a mute colored lehenga with a bright multi-colored lehenga tassels, which brings out the most vivid and radiant sight without coming out as too flashy. The thread tassels can be carried out in longer lengths and with a broader design to attain greater coverage. If you are the one to try your hand at crafts, thread tassel is something which you could start on with, as it is very easy to make. For those fashionistas, who are trying to go an extra mile in traditional wear, strap a thread tassel in your high heels to make a great fashion statement!

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Pom Pom Tassels

designs for lehenga tassels

The soft, bushy pom poms make a great accessory to complement with any type of lehenga. Pick your favorite colors of pom poms to go with your lehenga and make your own tassels! The small pom pom tassels can be added anywhere – to the end of the dupatta, or for blouse designs or at the hip of the choli, or to your high heels too.

Fabric Tassels

designs for lehenga tassels

Fabric Tassel is one of the designs for lehenga tassels which can be made to match in many different ways according to your lehenga. From a simple design to a big cut out tassel, fabrics can be used to make beautiful tassels to adorn your lehenga. They make a great statement in both blouses and hip of choli.

Add beauty and color to your lehenga by choosing from these designs for lehenga tassels and dazzle your day with exquisiteness.

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