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After the wedding ceremony is completed and the couple is officially declared as husband and wife, it is time for celebration. And to celebrate the union of a couple, a reception is hosted so that the people they know can congratulate them. The reception is the first event that a couple attends as husband and wife. And any occasion with celebration calls for dancing. Therefore, it is important to make your first dance a romantic and memorable one. So here are some English songs with amazing lyrics to make your entry a grand one.

I Believe In You

This song depicts the love story of a girl and a boy who have been together since childhood. The story starts with the children becoming friends and ends with them aging together and being still in love. The song shows that if love is true it will be with you till your last breath. It is sung by Michael Buble and is directed by Derek Hough. And it depicts the strength of true love.



With You

With You is sung by Tyler Shaw and he has used this song in his wedding video. Therefore, the song is associated with weddings from the very initial stage. The song shows the journey of love from the proposal to the time when the couple is pronounced man and wife. The song has beautiful lyrics that show the sacrifice a person is willing to make for his loved one. The wordings of the songs are:

“For you, I would travel to outer space

 Take a bullet to the heart just to keep you safe

 For you, anything for you.

 With you, all the years just fade away

 Like a dream in my arms, but I’m wide awake

 With you, whenever I am with you.”


I Won’t Give Up

The song is from the album ‘Love is a four-letter word’ by Jason Mraz. The album was released in the year 2012 but the song is still young in the year 2020. The song has been used in the book “Fight with me’ by Kristen Proby to show the love between the protagonists on their wedding day. The lyrics depict that even though the couple has problems and needs some personal space, true love will never give up.

“Well I won’t give up on us

 Even if the skies get rough

 I am giving you all my love

 I’m still looking up”



You Are The Reason

The song shows the importance of their true love in an individual’s life. The lyrics of the song are written so beautifully which have a deep meaning. If your love is true you will overcome every problem or obstacle on your way just to be with them. The song is from the album ‘Only Human’ by Calum Scott. The song is also used in the movie Sailing Into Love produced by Hallmark Channel. The lyrics of the song goes as follows:

“I’d climb every mountain

 And swim every ocean

 Just to be with you

 And fix what I’ve broken

 Oh’ cause I need you to see

 That you are the reason”



The song is a celebration of finding true love for which a person has waited too long. The song is sung by Ed Sheeran. This song is also available in the duet version. Perfect is the song for your wife, for your true love, for your wedding, for your husband and especially for that moment. The lyrics of the song are simple yet they have a great impact on the heart of listeners.

“Baby, I am dancing in the dark, you between my arms

 Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song 

 When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful

 I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight”



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