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Colour for Wedding Lehenga

The choice of your lehenga defines what type of bride you are. The first thing that everyone notices when you enter the wedding venue is the type of lehenga you’re wearing. And what defines it the most is the combination of colour used. Fashion and trend offer a variety of choices every year, and it is important to choose a trendy combination that matches your personality. With 2019 no behind on laying down a number of stunning colours, make an informed choice for your D-Day. Become the fashion icon on your wedding day and let your guests stare at you in awe. Here are the best lehenga colour combinations among which you can select for the most important day of your life. Give it a look!

Lehenga Colour Combinations

Best lehenga colour combinations for you:

1) Ivory and Gold

lehenga colour combinations

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A lovely combination of two subtle shades, Ivory and Gold lehenga is a beautiful combination. It can be worn with heavy kundan jewellery while keeping the lehenga light.

2) White and Pink Ombre Lehenga

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Ombre lehengas are totally trendy. The blend of pink with white gives an elegant and stunning look, making it one of the best lehenga colour combinations of 2019.

3) Peach and Gold

lehenga colour combinations

(Image Source – Gautam Khullar Photography)

Gold matches with – Literally. Any. Colour. And the combination of it with Peach will give you the perfect blushing bride look. Preferable for a sunny wedding, This combination should be your choice for 2019.

4) Pastel Blue and Pink Lehenga


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Pastel shades are the latest preference for brides these days. It’s trendy, subtle and gives a stunning look. Pastel blue with pink is unique, hence one of the most beautiful lehenga colour combinations.

5) Yellow and Beige Lehenga

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Another one of the best lehenga colour combinations for afternoon weddings, yellow and beige is an evergreen selection for the bride.

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6) Baby Pink and Silver Lehenga

lehenga colour combinations

Pink and silver is a really stunning combination of two beautiful colours. This should be your perfect pick for your D-Day.

7) Off-White and Red Lehenga

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Off-White is a beautiful colour for a bridal lehenga. When synchronized with red embroidery, the outfit becomes even more exquisite and mesmerising.

8) Lavender and Ivory Lehenga


Lavender and Ivory is a very elegant and trendy combination. It gives a classic look and can be synchronized with heavy jewellery.

9) Teal and Grey Lehenga

lehenga colour combinations

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If you’re planning a destination wedding in the palaces of Rajasthan, your pick should be this one! Teal and Grey give a royal and stunning look for an afternoon wedding.

10) Royal Blue and Silver Lehenga

lehenga colour combinations

(Image Source – Aiya Photography)

One of the most unique and exquisite lehenga colour combinations, make your memories last forever in a royal blue and silver lehenga. It’s for the brides who’re bored of the cliche red, pink and gold.

Here is our list for the best lehenga colour combinations for 2019. Comment your favourite combination below!