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Blouse Designs

For all the ladies, we know how hard it is to find the most perfect blouse design that goes with your dress and then getting the stitch right. One cannot neglect the amount of money it costs to get a modern styled blouse stitched at the very best boutique. It takes some serious work. No Kidding! Here is a shortlist of best of the best blouse designs by us for your wedding dresses so that you don’t have to go through hundreds of Pinterest and Google images. From the very classic forever styles to top notch modern styled, you will see it all here.

Here it goes, the best of the best blouse designs for your wedding sarees and lehengas: 

Round Neck

Round necks are the oldest and classic styled blouse design which also never goes out. Its mere simplicity is what’s taken it till today. Traditional sarees and lehengas goes best with this type of blouse design.

Square Neck

Square neck are mostly apt for when you want to show off your neck and collar bone. Its always a sexy choice. It Square necklines contrast out the skin and shape. The necklace or choker piece will compliment the whole look with this type of blouse design.

Halter Neck

Halter necks are all about how well the person carries it. Its confident, bold and poised. Goes best with sarees in comparison to lehengas.

The back of halter neck blouse also varies as per choice. It can be a hook, all-attached, or dori pattern.

High Neck

Hugh necks are always elegant and upright. It can be combined with lot of other designs of blouse like chinese collar, pseudo-halter and tear-drop styled front. There are many more that compliments this style of blouse. I can assure you, you will be able to mix and match your blouse style pretty well by the end of this article.

Boat Neck

Boat neck blouse suits equally best on both lean and large bodies. It lines out the neck line to make it look proportionate with the rest of the body. Boat necks works well with both sarees and lehengas. 

Peplum Blouse

Peplum style blouse are trending these days. Again, this style is at its best when styled properly. A good sense of mixing patterns and colors will give you Peplum at its best.



Sabyasachi’s peplum style lehenga. Its a unique combo of pure traditional gold embroidered lehenga with peplum blouse.

Sonam Kapoor’s peplum styled blouse is a mix of shirt style blouse and traditional Rajasthani thread work on the blouse.

Bell Sleeved

Also one of the latest trending styles of blouse. Bell sleeved blouses are making its way very well within the fashion industry. It reminds us of the 70s and what a comeback! Bell sleeves are young and hot again.


Bell sleeves are more inclined towards pastel and monochrome colors rather than heavily embroidered traditional dresses. This wedding season, you ought to go for bell sleeved blouse design.


Shirt Blouse

How about cut the shirt short and the wear it ?

Looks fabulous to me.

Even if you don’t cut it, this style has taken up the fashion in Bollywood with full steam. Shirt and lehenga skirt dresses are on the internet, fashion shows, celebrity weddings, parties and why not? Its inventive, comfortable with an indo-western twist to it.

Cape Blouse

Cape blouses created a havoc in the fashion industry and everyone wanted to wear it. However, not all of them could pull it off as well as it was meant to. Most of it can be blamed on the quality and overall styling of the cape.  Make sure you get the right quality cape blouses even if you’re getting it stitched at your local tailor shop


Off Shoulder

Hmmm.. looks like Sonam Kapoor has done it all. After all she is the fashion icon of Bollywood. Off shoulders are not for everyone. It takes a good body posture and and the right accessories and hair. Otherwise, it looks clumsy.


Kriti Sanon looks smoking hot in white laced saree with an off shoulder blouse.


Also looks like, off shoulder blouse is Sonam Kapoor’s favorite saree style.

Back Knot

To all the ladies who want to show off your back, this one is perfect for you.


Single Hook

Single hooks are again extremely loved and most wanted blouse design regardless. It can be done creatively like you will see below.

Single hook, bejeweled.

Single hook with a loop design. Gives a good grip to your shoulders and easier to carry.

Single hook accompanied with some dangling ‘latkan dori’.

Sheer Blouse

Sheer blouse is a great way to show off your skin yet remain covered. Deep cleavage, deep back neck, extra short choli, it can all be achieved without having to be uncomfortable with sheer blouses. Its definitely easier to carry bold styles through sheer blouses.

This one is a type of ‘Long sheer blouse’ and is similar to bodysuit blouses.

Mirror Work

When Sonam Kapoor became the most beautiful bride last year, she wore the mirror work blouse for one of her wedding ceremonies and didn’t she look absolutely stunning?

Mirror work blouse are best seen combined with a high neck design and pseudo-halter style. Back neckline can be done according to one’s own choice. It can be dori knot single or double, single hook or plain covered.

Jacket Blouse

Jackets are stylish and contemporary designs of blouses. Get set to stand out in the crowd if you choose to go for this. It goes with sarees, lehengas, jumpsuits, dhoti sarees, crop top-palazzo, you name it.


Sheer Jackets are best with pastel and floral patterns of dresses.

You can choose bold jackets that are single hooked or you can simply drape the dupatta of your lehenga or saree in front of it.

Sonam Kapoor at the Cannes wearing white laced saree with metallic blouse and a long flowing jacket on top.

This is the most unusual long jacket blouse that combines the look of an anarkali with the saree. 

Brassiere Blouse

This type of blouse is very similar to the spaghetti wear. Its the ultimate design for blouses that have a heavy lehenga or saree. The quality matters in these kinds of blouses because there are no layers and you’d need it to be comfortable for you at all times. The brassiere blouse are not just a support blouse for your wedding dress, they are the spotlight of the whole ensemble.

It can be bejewelled on a sheer fabric.

Full embroidered brassiere blouse.

Plain colored with broad straps.

Alia Bhatt wearing Shyamal and Bhumika’s black lehenga with plain black brassiere blouse.

Sara Ali Khan slaying the sequined brassiere blouse of Sabyasachi black lehenga.

Well, wearing a saree and lehenga at weddings isn’t that simple these days. Its a time and thought taking process. I would say majority of time is always taken up by the blouse designs and fittings. We hope this helps you to go for the right choice of blouse for your wedding wear.