Best Palace Hotels For Weddings in India Which Are Not Too Expensive

Palace Hotels For Weddings

Are you looking for a Palatial location for your wedding which you may have seen in Movies or over the internet and fancied you?

Ever dreamt of getting married like a Royal?

Then this article is for you, we are going to provide you with the best Palace Hotels For Weddings which are not too expensive and will fit in your budget.

Palace Hotels For Weddings

1. Fatehgarh- A Heritage Renaissance Resort

Palace Hotels For Weddings

A Heritage Renaissance– a term used to describe the laborious transplanting of the stone by stone, pillar by pillar of a heritage structure from a place not very far away to a new location thereby conserving the rich Architectural Heritage for the generations to come, is surrounded with the views of Aravali hill ranges, lake Pichola, city palace complex and the old city. Stationary on a hilltop 20 minutes outside the city, this 51-room Palace Hotel includes local stone and antique architectural elements culled from abandoned historic buildings.

It is definitely a perfect package for families who would like to occupy the entire Palace (51 Rooms and Suites accommodating up to 125 guests) and experience the traditional grandeur over the 3/4 days period. Its an advantage available venues like the Darbar hall, Courtyard, Poolside, Jai Bagh, etc would be at their disposal with complete privacy. The newly done Lawns called Jai Bagh can accommodate a gathering up to 300-350 guests at one point in time.

2. The Leela Palace:

The Leela Palace in Udaipur is a world known for its marvelous location and the luxurious and gleeful experience. It is commonly mingled with self-sufficing venues, like Jagmandir Island to host the grand Weddings.

 Leela Palace cost anywhere between Rs 20000- Rs 40000 per night depending on the season.

3. Chunda Palace:

Chunda Palace is the optimum option for a Royal Wedding if you want your wedding to be intimate having a small group below 200 guests, it is a great example of heritage architecture in modern days. This grand Haveli (no less than a Palace) offers 48 Rooms and Suites at 3 levels.

4. Neemrana Fort Palace Hotels For Weddings:

This 15th-century heritage hotel in Alwar is a dream wedding venue that is steeped in history and rustic charm. These palace wings constructed atop 12 layers tiered into a hill surrounded by 6 acres of garden-palace, makes Neemrana Fort-Palace one of the most unique resorts in Rajasthan. Want a unique fort wedding or palace wedding destination? Then, Neemrana is an exquisite option.

Neemrana Hotel has 73 rooms, consilient for a total of 190 guests.

5. The Green Hotel, Mysore, Karnataka:

This hotel with its extensive gardens was built as a palace Mysore’s princesses in the 1920s. There are 31 rooms. Expect to pay about 2,500 rupees upwards per night, including breakfast. Book the Maharani Suite (6,000 rupees upwards per night) for a really regal experience.

Guests can use the whole the palace, including drawing rooms, library, and sitting areas.

6. Lalitha Mahal Palace, Mysore:

Lalitha Mahal Palace, one of the best heritage hotels in Mysore, comprises of world-class luxurious that have been combined with impeccable Indian hospitality. This palace has  54 stately suites and rooms. The type of the rooms is: Turret Rooms, The Viceroy Suites, Duplex Suites, and Double Rooms. The rooms are cool, airy, with plenty of natural light.

7. Oberoi Wildflower Hall, Shimla:

The couples who love mountains and hills will love to get married here in Shimla. Situated amidst serene mountains, getting married here is like a fairy tale coming to life.

Every corner of the hotel is designed to pay homage to the elegant Colonial architecture of the original building. Each of the  85 guest rooms in the hotel, has the highlights of fascinating teak floors, hand-woven rugs and refined furnishings, all solemnize the colonial heritage of the establishment.

Shimla is one of the finest destination weddings in India, and the Oberoi Wildflower hall creates memories you will cherish a lifetime.

8. Gajner Palace, Bikaner:

When you think of a big fat Indian wedding, then it is one of the royal palaces to consider. The heritage hotel has a legacy of serving guests and organizes events. Weddings in Gajner Place is sought by couples around the world.

The glorious palace which was known for its spectacular landscapes and gorgeous architecture also houses some of the remaining parts of an ancient railway station.

There are 45 rooms in the hotel out of which 32 rooms are categorized as deluxe rooms and the remaining are Historic Suites.

Verdict for Best Palace Hotels For Weddings in India Which Are Not Too Expensive:

These were top 8 budget-friendly wedding destinations if you plan to get married in heritage hotels of India. So, go ahead and explore more about these Palace Hotels and other Heritage Hotels for your wedding and do let us know your experiences.