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Why Young Couple Should Opt For Seychelles For Honeymoon? – Wedamor

  Seychelles is an island located near the equator. The island is situated between the eastern coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean. As the island is surrounded by the ocean, the temperature is always sunny and humid. There are forty-one inner islands and seventy-four outer islands. Seychelles is the smallest island capital of the […]

Things No One Tells you about Honeymoon! – Wedamor

Honeymoon Period is extremely exciting and intimate. It is the first official trip of the couple as husband and wife. A lot of people would agree that it was the best time of their lives and it was extremely romantic. It may be true but consequently, as the saying goes, “There may be petals on […]

Places For Romantic Minimoon- Weekend Honeymoons – Wedamor

A full-length special honeymoon quickly following the wedding is never again doable because of restricted time and additionally cash. Enter the minimoon- Weekend Honeymoon! A long end of the week escape is the ideal trade off and no less charming. Far and away superior, these stays, which are either comprehensive or give nearby choices, evacuate […]

Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations From Around The World

After long and tiring functions of the wedding, the couple needs a different and exotic location to spend time with each other on their honeymoon. Going on a honeymoon to Paris, Italy, Maldives is old-fashioned and quite common now. Escape with your better half to snowy mountain tops, historical pathways, or just relax by having […]

Honeymoon Destinations To Start Your New Life! – Wedamor

Honeymoon is the first most romantic part you share as a couple, obviously after the wedding. It is extremely intimate and special for the couple. Having this time away, from your busy schedules and daily lives is extremely refreshing and much needed. Moreover, this time can be used to connect with your partner even more […]

Exotic Places For Honeymoon In India – Wedamor

Honeymoon is the fairytale period after every marriage. It is the most beautiful time for the newly wed couple. Every couple dreams of visiting beautiful places for their honeymoon. Many of them spend lakhs on their trip to some foreign countries. But, do you know, how many places are there in our own country which […]