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Not only the bride, but the groom also deserves a dashing entry. The entry of the Baarat is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding. From autos to helicopters, grooms have been experimenting with various entry styles. We have rounded up the latest entry styles here for you. 

12 Amazing Groom Entry Ideas For Modern Indian Weddings! | WedMeGood


In A Statement Motorbike

Krunal Pandya and Hardik Pandya gave us some major Bollywood goals in this “Sholay” inspired entry style. Go ahead and recreate this with your brother or best man. Let the person that you have shared the most rides with take you to see your bride on your wedding day. 


On the other hand, you can also fly solo on your bike. If you are one of those guys who considers their bike to be their extended self, then you might as well arrive on that. On the other hand, you can rent a fancy bike such as a Harley Davidson or Ducati for the big day and enter on that. 

groom entry ideas - on a Harley bike


In A Vintage Car

if you are a car buff who loves old cars, then this is your perfect excuse to drive a vintage car. Depending on your taste you can go for classic black and white colours or ditch them for some flashier colours. Preferably choose one with an open-top, so that you can make your entry with a lot of noise and also accompanied by your gang. Another tip is to use minimal decor with vintage cars so that you can show off the car to the maximum. 

Cool groom entry in a vintage car with moustache sign for a groom with a moustache


Atop An Elephant

If the brie is the princess, then you are her prince, and you may as well arrive like one. And there is nothing more royal than arriving on a majestic elephant with a mahout leading the way. The old charm exuded by the elephant chariot will make sure that all eyes are on you. 

groom trends, groom entry, unique groom entry ideas, groom entry on elephant


On An Off-beat Vehicle

Grooms are showing that any and every type of vehicle is suitable for their entry. From cycles to tractors these handsome grooms have carried off everything in style. Here, we have three of our favourites.

Go desi with a tractor and show off your roots! The groom looks quite at home, making his entry on the bonnet of a tractor. 


Autos are making an increasing number of appearances at our weddings, from being used as a piece of decor to a photo booth idea to now as an entry style. There is something cute and charming about the bright yellow autos, especially when they are all decked up with flowers and garlands. 


Are you looking for a super macho style entry? Look no further; ATV is your answer. Just make sure that you know to handle it well, because you do not want any hitch on the big day. ATV is perfect for a beach wedding and makes sure that all eyes are on you. 

groom entry in Indian wedding - Yuvraj Singh wedding entry on ATV at his baraat


Fly-In On A Helicopter

If you can afford it, then there is nothing more dramatic than a helicopter entry. This will take the whole grandeur quotient of the wedding up several notches. But this requires a significant amount of planning, so make sure that you have worked out all the fine details with your planner beforehand. 

The Ambani Dulha


On A Chariot

Ditch the idea of entering on a horse for a chariot!  You can opt for a horse-drawn carriage or a rickshaw style one. Add some cold pyros to add some flair and fun to the entry. 

groom trends, groom entry, unique groom entry ideas, groom entering on a chariot


On A Batmobile

The groom wins the award for the entry hands-down. Show us something cooler; we will wait.

coolest groom entry ideas ever - in a batmobile


On A Skateboard

Simple, stylish and chill with the only prerequisite being that you need to skateboard!

With these ideas, we hope that you are all set to make a swashbuckling entry!