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The D-day seems to be coming near, yet nothing seems to have finalised. The caterer hasn’t decided upon the menu, the location is yet to give its approval or your sherwani isn’t ready. Well, we may not be able to help you with these things but we sure can give you awesome ideas to pump up your decor to an a la grande level.

What say?

Here are some of the coolest ideas to make your wedding decor eye-catching.


Well, let’s admit it, who wouldn’t like flowers. vibrant colors, intricate patterns and a heavenly feeling, you got it all covered by flowers.

You could use rose petals to decorate the auspicious mandap or pair those beautiful carnations and lilies with contrasting colored curtains. the evergreen marigold or as we fondly call it genda phool too can serve as a splendid flower to highlight the water bodies.

All in all, a winner package!

Source: floral wedding .com

Photos and a photo booth

The dulha and dulhan photoshoot before marriage has become a mandatory ceremony these days. how about using those cutesy-awwww photos to have you showered with love?

A small photo booth tucked near the entrance with all those fancy props and a couple of your photos (to candidly display your nazuk pyaar) can sure make your decor show-off worthy and classy.

Say Cheese

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Offbeat themes

Gone are the days where marriage was a simple affair with placid decorations and pesky relatives. Being offbeat is invogue and how about incorporating this mantra in your wedding too? list out common interests between the both of you and choose an offbeat theme to put up at your wedding. it could be anything, even cricket ! Rest assured, you get a license to brag about your awesome theme all your life.



The minimalistic approach

This idea is often used when you are on a low budget and you ought to make it look classy.

one could tactfully use the resources at hand to create a tasteful and vibrant environment. contrasting colors, gradients using dupattas, fairy lights could work proficiently for ya.

Because less is more.

Destination Wedding

Although the name says it all, the concept of destination wedding has a lot of perks attached to it as well. a carefully organised beach wedding can save you a lot of money on the decoration and management part since people are already mesmerised by the picturesque surroundings. It sure is a tricky affair, but the gamble does pay off.

Happiness incoming !

The Chalkboard trick

Chalkboard signs have a lot of nostalgia attached to them as well as an uncanny ability to attract attention. Using chalkboards filled with quotes and musings on love and affection, you are sure to win the hearts of your guests. Not only do they look novel, they also exude an air of simplicity which is often appreciated.

One word : Ecstatic.


Mahal Grandeur

All of us, since our childhood have had a dream to live in a palace or atleast get married in one. The Grandeur associated with it is simply unparalleled! Majestic domes, high ceilings, flashy jhoomars et al. Putting up with this idea can be a costly affair. So, how about using a little bit (or maybe more) creativity to enhance and upgrade your decor to a royal one and creating your mandap in a palace-like way? It surely doesn’t require stardust or moonbeams but an aesthetic appeal and a DIY urge to make it surreal.


The magic is in you.

Do let us know how helpful were these ideas in the comments section below, and did you use them in your wedding. Making the most out of the moment at hand is what life is all about people.