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We all know that a wedding is an extremely expensive affair and would love to reduce some wedding costs. Some people start saving money from years to have a grand wedding, even much before they come to know the concept of marriage. Some families have a whole different fund of money deposits saved up for their kids’ weddings. While some people like to have an elaborate and rich wedding, other like to keep it simple and in the budget. But who doesn’t want the same level of grandeur and magic on their special day?

It is totally normal to expect this once in a lifetime event to be just out of the world and memorable for you and wedding cost shouldn’t be a barrier for you to do so. Now, of course, you cannot compromise on your makeup, beauty, and the perfect “Shaadi ka lehenga”. So here are some tips which will help you cut some costs without having to compromise the quality of anything at your wedding. These are very simple ideas which we do know but tend to forget in the rush and stress of the wedding. Hence, remind yourself that once you start your wedding planning then these ideas should be implemented and you’re going to have double the fun as the wedding costs will reduce by a significant percentage.

Wedding Cost Thrift Shopping 

wedding costshis might sound very pretty but it is actually one of the biggest favor you can do to your wallet when it comes to buying some wedding decor. Some thrift shops will surprise you with how authentic the items look and how economically priced they are. At most of the wedding shops, you are going to get deliberately high priced items which actually have a very low cost. As we all know it is the branding that adds the unnecessary value to it and trust me if you get the same things for a lower price that is the way to go. Thrift shops are one of the places where there are no scams. Everything is rightly valued. It also has the added benefit of having some of the unique things you might not find anywhere else. You never know but you may find a lot of inspiration looking through all the things in thrift markets. So go find some outfits on great deals that you need for the other functions, lunches, and dinners that you need to attend pre and post wedding. Find some goodies for decor like table decorations or entrance decorations, some ideas for wedding favors and so on. This is a great way to cut your wedding costs. 

wedding costswedding costs                          

1) Don’t Buy It. Take on RENT

There are a lot of things on a wedding that people tend to impulsively buy because they forget that a lot of things can be taken on rent. Eventually, most of the things end up getting thrown away and if you can save money on this then practice the renting culture. From tents to decorations to even dresses for functions. All these can be rented and when you search for the possible things that can be rented then it opens up, even more, opportunities for you to add to your wedding. You get the most lavish things which you never thought was affordable but it can be rented and that makes it much more within the reach. 

wedding costswedding costs                             

2) Family and Friends to the Rescue 

At a wedding, you need a DJ, a photographer and a lot of other people who do creative things. For the smaller scale weddings, this can be a very handy and applicable tip. You know that you would have some cousins or your friends who may have some teenagers and cousins in their families. Some of them might love photography, have a great camera and would love to earn some money instead of sitting idle at the wedding venue. Being in the friend circle and family, a lot of costing can be cut if some tasks like music, video, and photography can be delegated amongst the youngsters. They would be happy even with the least amount of money and help you reduce the wedding costs more willingly than through any other source.

wedding costswedding costs                                 

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3) Advertise Online 

You might not realize but the power of the world wide web is insane. There are millions of deals being made every day, on this forum and it has changed lives. So why not try to cut some wedding costs with the power of online advertising. A lot of websites like Quickr and Craigslist have a platform to trade goods and services. If you post ads for the items you require or would like to trade in exchange for something else then you are likely to get great offers and reasonable deals. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the ads should be placed well in advance so as to ensure getting a good response from the traders in the market. 

wedding costswedding costswedding costs

While these tips can cut your weddings costs by some proportion, be ready to get your pocket lighter by the end of it because there are a lot of last minute things and expenses that come up which you cannot avoid so it is important to keep that money cushion for these unexpected expenses. Moreover, it is very important that you make a budget estimation according to how big or small you want your wedding to be and keep it as a blueprint to work on as it is very helpful while you actually go out and have to spend money. Good luck with the money matter and may you cut those wedding costs to the limit you want.



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  • Hemanth Kumar KondetiJune 28, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Hey, this post really could cut the wedding costs to a whole lot of amount if one follows, really helpful for the bride side……

    The first thing I liked from the post is about Thrift Shopping, which I never heard of. So many people might not, as far as I know. So, this is really of great help to be in the budget limit.

    Another interesting thing talked about is taking on rent and the power of Internet. Even if anything is not available for rent, then one can buy and can always sell them using the Internet.

    Yes, this blog post is really aimed at cutting the costs of Wedding expenses and really of great help.

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