7 Awesome Date Night Ideas Ideal For Arranged Marriage Couples

Date Night Ideas

Arranged marriages tend to be a little strange. Since in arrange marriages you don’t know your partner well you are excited to discover the inquisitive person he or she is. More specifically, because of the unfamiliarity, it becomes difficult to get along with the spouse. How to work through this awkward phase? Date nights play a vital role in crossing this barrier. They help in setting a romantic mood for the married couple to bond. But the usual candlelight dinners are not only boring but too mainstream these days. Why not do some real stuff  and make long lasting memories with 0ur partners? So, if you are having trouble breaking the ice with your partner, these unique date night ideas are the perfect way to get through it!

Arranged marriage? Try these 7 Awesome Date Night Ideas!

Step away from cliché dinner dates and try these unique date night ideas with your spouse –  

1.     A long drive

Date Night Ideas

Go on a long, breezy ride with your spouse, away from the usual hustle and bustle of your busy lives. If you wish to enjoy some good music with your partner, then car rides are perfect! Roll down your windows, put on some music and enjoy the drive! If, however, you prefer a more intimate time, then a romantic motorbike ride, somewhere away from all the noise, will make for an amazing date night.

2.     Prepare a meal together

Date Night Ideas

If the both of you are foodies, then this is one of the best date night ideas for you! Get into the kitchen and cook a delicious meal together. It’s a fantastic way to get to know each other and it’s also incredibly fun! You can even finish the night off with a romantic dinner with your self-prepared mean and at the comfort of your home!

3.     A fun picnic


Date Night Ideas

A picnic for a date night? Sounds weird? Not really. A picnic under the moonlight is a terrific way to bond with your spouse! You could have a quiet, intimate date by the beach or by the riverside, and even enjoy some fresh air. They are so much better than the usual restaurant dinners and are quite fun too!

4.      Watch Romantic movies and Netflix together


Date Night Ideas


What better way to bond than over watching romantic movies and Netflix together? Put on a good TV show, sit back and have a fun, relaxed date with your spouse! It’s the ideal date if you wish to get comfortable with each other and get to know each other. No more awkward, movie dates at the theatre. Instead, have a fun time, with your own choice of show and some popcorn!


5.     Go on an adventure!




If you want to avoid the quiet meals or if you wish to get away from home, then it’s time for you and your spouse to go on an adventure together! Go on a night trek together or take a hike! It could even be turned into a mini weekend away. Explore unfamiliar places with your spouse and get to know each other’s adventurous side!


6.     Getting a couple’s massage


Date Night Ideas


An unusual date idea but also one of the most interesting ones. Getting a couple’s massage or going to a spa together is a unique way of spending time with each other. You can relax and get pampered alongside your spouse. It’s a wonderful way to ignite that spark in your marriage!

7.     Go on a long walk


Date Night Ideas


And lastly, the old-school long, romantic walk with your partner. Take a midnight walk to the new cafés or the unexplored streets to have that cup of coffee at 2 AM. Experience that quiet late night peace with your partner and get your marriage off to a romantic start! Bond with your spouse as you walk hand in hand through the evening!


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An arranged marriage won’t seem so strange  once you have gotten  to know your partner through one of our unique date night ideas!