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Different Ways To Use Tassels At Your Wedding – Wedamor

Details are what make things beautiful. They make everything intricate and more elaborate. May it be detailed work done with perfection on clothes or on items of decor, they add more life and uniqueness to any product. When it comes to any celebration, may it be a normal party or your big fat wedding, small little pieces of details can make things turn around and get the touch of being exclusive.

Something that is small but adds the extra layer of color, vibrancy, and style is considered a good add-on. One such item that has become popular in recent times is tassels.



Tassels are strings of threads or cloth tied together as one. They come in different colors and sizes as per your requirement. The designs can vary too with additional ones like cloth balls, smaller tassels hanging to a bigger one, the addition of beads or other decorative items, etc. Tassels can be used in curtains, dresses, blouses, and dupattas, as a part of the decor, at the sides of cushion or table covers, and in many other ways. They help to add more color, pump, and style to every item. There can be different ways to use tassels at your wedding too.

Use of Tassels at Your Wedding

Wedding Decor


The flare tassels of different sizes and colors could be a really good way to notch up your decor. From tassels hanging to the mandap or tent top matching the theme or vibrant and shiny ones above the dance floor, they can match every style. Tassels are available in varied sizes and materials and hence can be used for a variety of decor purposes. Leading from using them for backdrops for the stage or pre-wedding functions or photo booths to a grand entrance, it adds elegance, pomp, and color to the look.

Tassels can also be used as an element of decor with the cloth to cover tables and chairs. Either with a catchy design at the edges or just an extra covering, it can help turn the boring covers, trendy. As decor is a huge part of the whole wedding ceremony, going with a particular theme of color or element helps to give exclusiveness to the celebrations. And tassels are one such element that can be used as an outstanding part of decor from the stage to the photo-shoot, to the entrance, and the food counter decorations.

Tassel up the Fashion


Fashion is a major part of any celebration. And when it comes to weddings, there is a notch higher. You need the best wedding outfit, something that is unique as well as beautiful. The outfit also needs to suit your personality, match the theme, compliment your partner’s outfit. It needs to set the mood of celebration too. It is something that adds an element of fun, grace, elegance, and beauty. A good outfit makes you look the best on one of your most special days of life.

Tassels can help to make them look funkier along with adding the necessary color and fun. Use of tassels as per your outfit or just a contrasting shade like on sides of the lehenga, blouse backs, braided with the lehenga design, or just on the edges of your dupatta, could be really good. You can also use it to decorate the dupatta for bridal entry.

Tasseled Jewelry


Along with the outfit, the next thing to focus on is wedding jewelry. Use of colorful, small tassels in your chooda, kalire, bangles, hair accessories, earrings, or even mang tikka changes the whole look to become modern mixed with tradition.

Along with using it on your D-day outfits or decor, tassels look beautiful for your pre-wedding shoots or ceremony backdrops. They can also give a funkier and trendy look when used in your Haldi and Mehendi outfits.