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We all know flowers add to the beauty of any location and it just so happens that weddings look incomplete without them. But who said flower arrangements always have to be done by professionals? Well, yeah if you’re in for a big fat Indian wedding. But you can save a lot of bucks by unleashing your creative side and take the responsibility of flower arrangements for your day. Whether for a destination wedding, floral themes, or just a general love for flowers, check out the following flower DIYs for your wedding:

1) Beach Bouquet

Follow the steps to create this elegant wedding bouquet perfect for a beach wedding.

What you’ll need: (you can find these at any decent flower shop close to your place or online)

1) Roses, hydrangeas and any type of silk flowers you can avail easily.

2) Decorative ribbon

3) Stem wrap

4) Wire cutter or scissors

5) Different types of shells (For decoration)

6) Any artificial greenery of your choice (For decoration)


1) Start by inserting one end of the floral wire in the shells, either by inserting through the hole, or if there is no hole, just wrap the wire around it so that there is a hook.

Sources: afloral

2) Next, pinch both of the ends of the wire together, with the shell in the middle, and wrap wire together with stem wrap.

3) Now for the assembling part, put together your flowers and carefully remove the leaves from the stems using wire cutter or scissors.

4) Now start bundling together each of the flowers and working in a circle is preferred so the bouquet looks even. Once that is done, add the artificial greenery around the outside of the bouquet.

5) Finally, once you’re satisfied with the appearance of the bouquet, secure it all together with a stem wrap.

6) For the final touches, add your shell decorations on the bouquet by pushing the wires through the flowers and hold them to the stems. Again use stem wrap to secure the shells to the bouquet.

7) And for a neat and polished look, trim the stems with wire cutters. Finally, wrap the bouquet stems with a ribbon and your beach bouquet is ready.

2) Floral Hoop

Flower arrangements

What You Need

1) Flower heads

2) Artificial greenery

3) A hoop (your choice of colour)

4) Glue

5) Floral wire


Source: greenweddingshoes

1) Take the hoop and start decorating it with the artificial greenery and secure it using floral wires.

2) Now attach the flower heads on the artificial greenery with hot glue and continue adding from the largest to smallest until the desired look is achieved.

3) Finish the floral hoop by adding artificial greenery or any kind of decoration you prefer in the empty spaces.

3) Flower Crowns

Flower arrangements

What You Need:

1) Preferred flowers, real or faux (A variety of them with different textures would look good)

2) A 12-gauge or thicker aluminium wire. (Easily available at a craft store)

3) Florist wire

4) Scissors

5) Florist tape


 1) Take the florist wire and turn in a circular shape and place it on your head to see how long of a wire you need to form a loose crown. Ask someone to help you with that and once final, cut off the

2) Now start the decoration on the crown with the artificial greenery and secure it on the crown with a florist tape.

3) Once that is done, start adding your flowers to the crown and securing the stems with the tape 3-4 times, so that it stays. When arranging your flowers, keep in mind to start with just to the side of the centre and leave a gap in the middle, which is the focus point. Once you’re done arranging the rest, think about what the focus point should be: One large flower or two of them. Then, secure it with the tape.

4) Tip:  Keep in mind the hairstyle you’re planning to go with when you are measuring the wire on your head.

Some Random Flower Arrangements For Decor

1) DIY Floral Balloons

Flower arrangements

What you need:

1) Balloons

2) Artificial greenery

3) Flowers

4) Tape or glue

5) Scissors


1) Start by trimming all the flower heads and greenery.

2) Inflate the balloon with helium and tie a long string to the base.

3) Now start with the decorating of the string by securing artificial greenery to the very top with tape or glue and work your way down by adding the greenery and flowers.

4) Once the desired look is achieved, secure the whole thing with something before putting it in the preferred place.

Flower arrangements

Source: greenweddingshoes

2) Super Easy Flower Centrepieces

Source: magic4walls

What You’ll Need

1) A vase

2) Waterproof floral tape

3) Flowers

4) Artificial greenery


1) Place the tape on the vase horizontally and then vertically, so it creates small gaps in between.

Source: Afloral

2) Add the flowers and artificial greenery.

3) Decorate with some candles around and voila, it’s ready. 

3) Flower Balloon Arch

What You Need:

1) Tropical flowers

2) Balloons

3) Balloon pump

4) String

5) Tape

6) Glue dots

7) Artificial greenery.

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1) Start by sticking the string with a tape on the surface you want to hang on and keep in mind the shape you want to set it in.

2) Fill the balloons with air and start attaching them to the string, preferably by large to medium to small. Add the small balloons with glue dots to fill the space of the string.

3) Finally, begin filling in your with greenery and flowers until you achieve the desired look.

Flower arrangements

Source: Marriage

So these were some of the ways you could do your own flower arrangements and cut back on some wedding costs. Let us know which one of the above flower arrangements was your favourite!



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