Personalisation and customisation is the biggest wedding trend for the past few years and it is still going very strong. As a bride, you are constantly on the lookout for they can put a personal touch on to the festivities. Doing the same may not be as difficult as you thought. There are many simple yet interesting ways to personalise. Here, we have for you some of the easiest ways to do the same.


Personalise Your Lehenga

If you want to add a personal touch, then the best place is your wedding lehenga. It is something that you will treasure as a keepsake for the rest of your life and any work you do on it will bring back memories every time you take a look at it. The trend caught the public eye when designer, Falguni and Shane Peacock designed a lehenga for the actress, Samatha Ruth Prabhu. She embroidered their entire love story onto the lower half of the skirt and it looked absolutely gorgeous.

Even if you do not want something as elaborate as that, you can have a small message or your names or the date of the wedding embroidered on to the lehenga. Or you can have images from a special day or any other image or design that holds special meaning to you as a couple. 


A cheaper and easier alternative is to get a personalised hangar like this one. You can easily reuse it and think of your wedding day whenever you glance it.


Wedding Invites

With the advent of digital invites, personalisation has become very easy and accessible to all. All you need is a good designer and a good idea. He/she can draw caricatures of the both of you and also incorporate any other element. It can be done to show your individual characters and quirks and is sure to catch the eye of the guests.

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Custom Made Cake

Bakers are nothing short of artists. Give them an image, however detailed and difficult, they will bring an edible version of it to life. Sometimes, the cake looks too pretty to eat and you can see the guests going gaga over it. For bakers who can create a dragon-shaped creation, introducing a few personalised details is a piece of cake. You can have personalised figurines or elements from your first date or proposal decorating the cake. Or if you want something very simple and neat, then have a cake topper spelling out our names or initials.


Decor & Centrepieces

If you are not having an all-out themed wedding, you can still bring your individual interests and quirks through creative decor items or even table centrepieces. This clapper board with cricket board and stumps embodies the spirit of the cinephile groom and the cricket crazy groom. 

Wedding Favours

There are two types of customisation that you can go for here. One, you have your names or the wedding date imprinted on the gifts and also a thank you message if you want. Two, if it is a small wedding you can have the names of the guests printed and make them feel special. 

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Customised Jewellery

Probably not the easiest way, but a lot of brides are pulling it off. The easiest way is through earrings or having a customised pendant. If you do not want to play around with your jewellery, then your footwear, be it juttis or heels, is also a great option. 

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We hope that we have given you some great ideas which will be easy to incorporate. Let us know your favourites in the comments.