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Engagement Ring Designs

You are going to give something to your lady officially for the first time, so that should be one of a kind. The engagement ring will remain with her for the rest of her life so, it is important that you put your best foot forward to impress the lady with your amazing choice. Though she knows you have one!

Amazingly Beautiful Engagement Ring Designs

Here are the Trendy Engagement Ring Designs for Your Ladylove:

Eternity Ring

Eternity Ring is a classic one having diamonds studded all around the band of the ring. This one never goes out of trend for the simple reason: Its simplicity. The ring usually has precious metals like white gold, rold gold or platinum. Considered as a symbol of love, the ring is a perfect fit for your ladylove.

Engagement Ring Designs

Colored Gemstones Ring

The ring with gemstones looks vibrant and striking. It is undoubtedly an expressive piece. Colored gemstones look queenly making it ideal for the love of your life. Not just one color gemstone but you can purchase the ring which has multiple gemstones studded.

Engagement Ring Designs

Pear-shaped Diamond Ring

This type of ring looks feminine and sophisticated. Pear-shaped Engagement ring in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold is not just trending but it is ultimate. Saw Paris Hilton’s Pear Shaped ring?

Engagement Ring Designs

Gray Diamond Ring

This neutral colored diamond ring is classy and elegant to the core. Unlike the bright hues like pink, a grey diamond ring is chic. The options in the grey diamond ring are plethora as there are shades like violet, grey, greenish grey and many more. This ring will indeed be special for your lady.

Engagement Ring Designs

Hexagon Diamond Ring

The hexagon diamond ring is a modern and fresh piece in the list of trendy engagement ring designs. When the bride will wear it, it will look extraordinary and eye-catching on the finger. The bride surely will stand out in the crowd.

Engagement Ring Designs

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Multiple Bands Diamond Ring

Multiple bands diamond ring looks powerfully feminine and mesmerising. The multi band crossover ring is worth its weight in  gold. This gorgeous ring will look superb on the finger of your gorgeous.


Engagement Ring Designs

Double Heart Diamond Ring

A heart diamond ring is all you need to propose and promise to your loved one. This double heart diamond ring will impress your ladylove and tell her softly how romantic you are.

Engagement Ring Designs

Three Stone Ring

Why to give your ladylove a ring with just one stone when you can have three? After all, the more, the better. The dazzling three stones will be super cool. The three stones may be anything like sapphire, rubies or a combination of all.

Engagement Ring Designs

Twisted Band

Twisted band rings are the spin to the traditional engagement rings. This is a unique ring that will look flawless on the finger of your woman’s ring. This is a modern twist to the ring that will make you look all the rage.

Engagement Ring Designs

Open Band

Open Band Engagement Rings are the trendiest of all. This is a simple ring for all the contemporary women who love it modish and fashionable. It is light and a good daily wear option for women. This ring will always remind her of your love towards her whenever she looks at her.

Engagement Ring Designs

These were the trendiest Engagement rings for your ladylove which will leave a mark on the heart of your sweetheart and will remind her of your indelible love. I am sure your lady will be all praise of your flawless choice. Which of the Engagement ring you liked the most, tell us in the comment section below. Cheers to the wonderful couple!