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I understand, with your late night wedding bells ringing so closely, you must be really anxious about hitting everything with perfection. Your guests are your primary attention and your wedding day rituals must not leave them stifled. Particularly if your “fears” are “adhratriya”.

“Adhratriya Yes, am particularly talking of the feras where the wedding ends late into the night. Very recently, we had a night out to arrange for an after-hectic day and that made me hunt he internet upside down but of not much avail. So here are some fresh, out -of-the-oven ideas to keep your guests alive and involved in “adhratriya saava”s.

There were a few ideas:

1. A Video Corner                                    late night wedding

Yes, selfie corners have been a recent craze and surely serve the purpose. Throw in some in-time props like a large fake mustache paper cut or a bow or a hat or a ribbon. Or else add a traditional essence with props like a turban or a “paraanda” or desi ornate bicycles. Now keeping the props same, you can hire some professional videographers and let your guests shoot some short quirky videos with heartfelt impromptu messages for you. Make sure the video corner matches with the prop theme.

3. Dubsmash:

late night wedding

Now, this is a derivative idea of the above. Pre-select a few tracks related to your theme, the easy and the most popular ones.A word of caution: Keep a few professionals assigned only for this task. Or the teens of the family engaged in this only.Be sporting and encouraging throughout. Lead them into. Help them with acting and dialogues.dubsmashingAnd see this sport turn into a sensation.purrrfeccccttttt late night wedding Okay! Love me later 

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4. Orchestra vocals:

Wait don’t skip reading. Musical night? What’s new about it! Well, we don’t believe in wasting your precious time in such days so close to your day.                                               late night wedding

So coming back, yes, a musical night but not with the usual speakers or DJing. Call in an orchestra. Believe me, you can hire some local orchestra bands at economically viable rates and you won’t regret your decision because though local their flair is international and this local orchestra put their soul in their work.

5. Shake some leg:

late night wedding

Well, why just the leg, and those boring shimmers and shakes and hits. Let your waist and shoulder and the whole of you do the talking. So call in some professional choreographer to teach your guests some simple basic steps and hit the dance floor.

Tip: If you wish, you may offer your guests some modish flip-flops to ditch off their uncomfortable high heels.

6.Talent hunt:

late night wedding

Coax in your guests to perform anything that they love doing. Could be anything from dancing, to singing, to stand-up comedy, ramp walk, recitation. A Karaoke is also a brilliant idea.

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6. Apart from these, please do not forget:

Snug couches with cushions.

Food and drink. The ones that do not call drowsiness.

Late night wedding 

Ambient light and air temperature.

And here you are equipped to stun the party-goers…

Seems like lots of love awaiting me  



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