European Honeymoon Destinations Will Sparkle the Affair of Your Heart

European Honeymoon Destinations

A marriage is about two things, Memories of togetherness and a promise to never give up on each other. Therefore, in the light of benevolence let me introduce you to the two most stunning honeymoon destinations in Europe. As a matter of fact, these countries can give an ultimate kick start to the newlyweds interested in taking a pure holiday voyage at an exotic spot. Furthermore, these European honeymoon destinations are in contrast with French Riviera and Italy, yet most romantic in their own sweet way.

Geilo, a sensual Ski Village in Norway

European Honeymoon Destinations European Honeymoon Destinations

This National Park Village is located under the exalted Hallingskarvet mountain and majestic Hardangervidda valley. By all means, that is your uninterrupted access card to one of the most gorgeous valleys in the world. Moreover, Geilo can be reached from Oslo and Bergen by bus or train in just a few hours. Geilo is primarily a ski resort town, however, it also offers interesting summer activities. It is one of the first ski areas in Norway, swooned with magical snowfall and luxury cabins. Therefore, a perfect European honeymoon destination for eternal lovers. The ski season in Geilo lasts from  October to April.

European Honeymoon Destinations European Honeymoon Destinations

In fact, you even get your own Christmas tree and a chance to meet Santa, if you rent a cabin in December. If you arrive after the winter season, then you can go-carting, paintballing, white water rafting, golfing, cycling and hiking. Begin your life with hiking smaller mountains, riding longer routes, holding hands and strolling the trails through the woods. Furthermore, all the luxury cabins and resorts in Geilo are candle lit, snug and enveloped in wooden furnishings.

The food is phenomenal, and Geilo gives you an authentic taste of Scandinavia! If you are lucky to visit in winter, then you may even catch a glimpse of Northern lights. There is no way on Earth that you will miss their one of a kind Ice music festival. I recommend you stay at Vestlia Resort for a week and I promise you will come back with glorious memories for life.

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Vaduz in Liechtenstein between Austria and Switzerland

Among another fabulous European honeymoon destinations, to begin with, is Liechtenstein, a German-speaking country bordered by Switzerland and Austria. It’s a magnificent alpine country (mostly mountainous) which makes it a great romantic getaway. Vaduz is Liechtenstein’s capital and the oldest city from the Iron age. This tiny capital of a tiny country on Rhine river exhibits a postcard-perfect backdrop for the newlyweds. Not only is the location visually striking, but it’s the blend of primitive and contemporary that highlights the style of this city. In the first place, your camera won’t stop clicking. Then your heart won’t stop pounding with all the exhilaration.

European Honeymoon Destinations European Honeymoon Destinations

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Then again, the couples can traverse the variance between primordial castles and modern cube buildings. Not to mention, Vaduz has a wide range of restaurants, brassieres, pizzerias and bars to persuade your appetite. You will get almost every cuisine that you may dig! By all means, return to your fantastic rustic resort to observe world’s most ravishing landscape.

Since Liechtenstein summarises both Swiss and Austrian flavours, you can expect the best from both worlds. Another key point is Vaduz’s cool weather, which entices the newlyweds to stay indoors without losing the sight of nature. Also, I assure you will never run out of cheese, cuddles, kisses and hot cocoa! or Wine Most importantly, you deserve love and you will get it here in these beautiful European honeymoon destinations.