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Flowers For Decoration Other Than Marigold – Wedamor

Flowers are the basic element of decoration at the wedding. Because of their presence, the wedding venue becomes pleasing and beautiful. While the cloth and the furniture decoration add color to the venue, flowers make the entire venue lively. When a person thinks about floral decoration the first flower that comes into the mind is marigold. Marigold is a household flower that is available all year.

Flowers For Decorations Other Than Marigold

Every Indian wedding has the decoration of marigold in some or the other way. The flower is available in colors like yellow, orange, and red. As it is inexpensive and available easily most people use this flower for decorations. But is it necessary that marigold is the only perfect flower for wedding decorations?

The answer is absolute no. Many other beautiful flowers increase the visual appeal of the wedding venue.

Therefore, we bring to you a list of flowers other than marigold which will make your wedding decoration absolute stunning: 


They are a multi-colored flower with oval shape petals. They mostly bloom in spring because of that it is most suitable for spring weddings. Tulips are available in 75 species and vibrant colors like red, pink, yellow, purple, and white. Red tulips symbolize true love and the purple tulips symbolize royalty. It is mostly grown in European countries. In India, these flowers are found in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.



The bright yellow flowers which portray the brightness of the sun are perfect for day as well as night wedding. Sunflower decoration is unique and out of the box. It gives out cheerful and playful vibes. It is best suitable for a vintage theme wedding because sunflowers give out a bit rustic. The main benefit of using sunflowers for decorations is that it is available all around the year. It pairs well with both bold as well as bright colors.




This flower holds a unique importance in Hindu mythology because the flower holds a special place in the hearts of Goddess Laxmi, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma. It is best suited for water decorations. Once picked from the source they can stay bloomed for long hours. Also, it is available in colors like white, pink, and light purple.



Lilies are one of the most elegant flowers. It can be used with bright colored decorations. They are white which allows the flowers to break the monotony for colors. Lilies are the symbol of purity, innocence, and dignity.




These flowers are in the form of veils that can be used for decorating domes, ceiling hangings, canopy, arches, headpieces, etc. The flowers can be used with leaves to enhance the effect. It is available in varieties of colors like pink, magenta, purple, blue, white, and red.




This is one of the most delicate flowers with a beautiful fragrance. These flowers bloom in the spring season and are available till late summers. Therefore, making them useful for spring and summer weddings. These flowers portray friendship and trust which are the two pillars of any relationship. It goes best with a garden-inspired theme or forest theme. They last up to 4 to 12 days in a vase.



These flowers can be used for the entire decoration of the venue. They are circular in shape and white in color. These flowers go very well with the white and gold theme. It can also be used for making floral jewelry and cake decorations.



These flowers are a symbol of love and fascinations. They are round in shape with frilled petals and go well with any other flowers. They are available in colors like orange, purple, green, yellow, and pink. The important thing is carnations are available throughout the year.



Roses are the most loved flower in India. They are eye-catching and easily available. Even the simplest decoration done with roses looks royal. The different colors of roses depict different meanings like the red rose is for love and white rose is for peace. The yellow color rose depicts friendship and pink rose stands for elegance. 



When all these colorful roses are kept together they symbolize unity and that is what weddings are about.