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When you get married you really want to every bit of the beautiful dreamy bride as you are. You don’t want to miss out a single thing. You want to look perfect. You browsed through the best cities and wedding halls to narrow down on the top banquet halls. Or maybe you are getting married at your own sweet home. You are happy and you are content because you know you choose a loving partner whom you will marry, and you are excited because you know you choose all the right jewellery and attire for the wedding.

Even if you aren’t a jewellery lover otherwise, you will want every piece of jewellery in the rightful place, adorning your outfit and face. Even if you don’t wear typical traditional clothes for the rest of the year, on your wedding day, you’ll want to look every bit of traditional person you are. You will want your roots to reflect in your style and dressing of course, in your bridal jewellery, which will be with you for the rest of your life.

Must-have Gold Necklace Designs For Stunning Bridal Look

Here are some must-have gold necklace designs which complete your bridal look with just minimum make-up touch.

Huge Polka Rani Type Necklace With Little Gold Set

Gold necklace designs

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This is what we call a masterpiece. It is fully studded with gold and other gemstones. And this studding determines its value. The uniqueness about this gold Rani Necklace how it is crafted so it can be worn in many styles with many royal dresses. With this necklace, it’s a treat for any woman to dress up.

A Choker With a Kundan and Pearls

Gold necklace designs

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This necklace is a tad bit heavy but it surely gives a regal look to my outfits. How it appears after wearing it the bride will definitely look royal and classy.

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Temple Gold Necklace


Gold necklace designs

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After wearing it you’ll definitely look like a queen. It will make you look what you want to be your desired best on your D-Day.

Kundan Emeralds With Multiple Strings Necklace Made up of Gold Pearls

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This is one of the trendiest nowadays and a perfect jewellery for the bride. After wearing it completes the bridal look and you will look 10 times more gorgeous on your big day. It is popular from the Mughal era.

A Medium Polka Gold Necklace

Gold necklace designs

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Wedding Jewellery is a crucial part of Indian weddings. This necklace is all about uncut natural diamonds. Among other wedding jewellery, this piece will work all the magic which you need on your D-Day.

Meenakari Collar Necklace Mix up With a Gold Necklace


Gold necklace designs

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Meenakari is an art which is particularly used in Rajasthan and it is in vogue. It is a most colourful form of traditional Indian Jewellery. This type of wedding jewellery after wearing you will stand out beautifully as the prettiest bride.

Gold and Kundan Choker With a Flat Polka Necklace

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This necklace is probably the most beautiful kind of jewellery because it fuses traditional and trendy. All the meshwork on this necklace will the give the bride the princess look which she dreams of being.

Classic Gold Necklace


Gold necklace designs

The name gives the speciality of this jewellery. This comes in one of those jewellery which we can easily be worn in a family function or any marriages with minimal make-up.