Gorgeous ways of using White in your Wedding – Wedamor

The pure white (ivory) color is an incredibly expressed color in contemporary Indian weddings for the elegance and subtlety it brings. This color is seen mainly in western weddings because it offers an elegant look and that is why white is also recommended for Hindu weddings nowadays. It can be mixed with any other color. It is a perfect option for wedding decor with exclusive color combos. We’ve listed some brilliant suggestions about how to incorporate white into your wedding. We believe that more than one of these ideas will find its way into your wedding.

1. In Groom Outfits

The groom is free to opt for a white suit. A traditional sherwani white, kurta pajama, or Nehru jacket never runs out of style. There is a lot of variety when you want to select ivory groom outfits. You will find floral designs on it, embroideries, or metallic work.


2. In Bridal Outfits

Crushing all the orthodoxy attached to the white color, brides select an ivory color for their wedding outfits and particularly their bridal lehengas, nailing their appearance. The color is great for a bride that needs a dreamy look even without a splash of colors. Brides added excitement to the white color by contrasting it with pink or red dupatta. The first time we saw a bride carrying an Ivory lehenga, they brought the lehenga game to a whole new stage. Charismatic is the beauty of an Ivory / white lehenga, so we couldn’t resist falling in love with it.


3. White Jaimala Designs

Both white jaimala designs or those with a combination of another color are widely preferred by couples who want simplicity in their wedding. Whether represented in bridal hairstyles, your wedding decor, or your jaimala, Mogras never fails to weave their charm. Have them assembled with beautiful rose lotus flowers or go complete mogras with multiple strands and voila, your jaimala is ready.


4. White Phoolon Ki Chaadar/ White Umbrella

Decorate your memorizing phoolon ki chaadar with beautiful white roses, pearls, and ribbons or pick a white umbrella entirely for a cheery bridal entrance. This also makes up for the distinctive use of white color in your wedding. You can also go for pretty pink and white Phoolon ki chaadar.


4. White Wedding Cakes

And of course, it’s always the best idea to get wedding cakes in white. In comparison to a white-gold theme like the rest of the wedding party, plan the cake or incorporate hints of other colors like flowers and special cake accessories if you don’t want an all-white cake. 


5. In Wedding Decor

Wedding decoration is one element of a wedding that shows the most intense usage of white color. The ivory color is omnipresent right from the drapes, table arrangements, centerpieces, and ceilings to the flower pieces and decorations. Used in combination with other colors or added solely, the ideas are uncountable and unquestionably worthy. Color white is somehow unmissable in wedding decoration and makes it one of the strongest uses of white color in weddings.


6. All White Mandap

Nowadays, white mandap is preferred by every couple who wants to keep it elegant. Some may want to add a little red to create a stunning contrast on the wedding day, meanwhile, the night wedding has a lot of creams and gold. White floral arches or white floral domes are some of the other spectacular choices to choose from. 


7. Jewelry and Accessories

Choose amongst varied options like pearls, ivory charming choodas, white floral kaleeras or stunning white jewelry in hues of white. The choices are endless and of course beautiful! Adorn the wedding hairstyles with a range of hair accessories or a variety of white roses to give a little elegance. White gajra hairstyle looks flawless too.