Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain their makeup looks all day long while you’re here being grateful if your makeup stays in place for 4 hours? This is where beauty and makeup tricks come in and who knows them better than celebrity makeup artists? Which is why I’ve put together a list of beauty hacks by some of our favourite celebrity makeup artists:

Celebrity makeup artists, Kindra Mann, along with others, share some of their beauty secrets:

1) Take a loose shimmer, mix it up with a moisturiser (more moisturiser than the shimmer is preferred to maintain subtly) and apply on the face with a foundation brush. It helps create a soft shimmer like look on the skin and adds a glow to the face. You can actually use the same product on your arms legs, arms or chest, wherever you want to add glow.

Celebrity makeup artist

2) Eyeshadow primer can be used in more places that just the lid. She uses it around the lips which helps in locking in the lip colour and preventing the lips from bleeding. Use it just like you would use a lip liner.

3) Instead of straight applying the lipstick to your lips, use a small lip brush and apply it on the lips for a much better application and a long lasting effect!

4) Applying the mascara with a fan brush instead as it is gentler on the lashes and keeps them from falling out. It works wonders especially if you have thinner lashes.

Celebrity makeup artists

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92BSaJhVoWg

Jamie Greenberg has a solution to why red lips won’t last: Layering.

The first step is to dab some lip stain on your lips following with brushing some pressed powder on the lips so it sets everything. Then, instead of using the lip liner to only line the lips, fill in the whole lip with the liner (you could then just softly rub the colour in because we’re trying to layer) and the last step is to fill in the lips with the actual colour that you’re going to wear.

Celebrity makeup artists

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For the face:

“If you’re extremely oily and don’t have face primer handy, just apply a little cornstarch to your skin before your foundation.” Says Niki Metz.

Emily Warren, San Francisco-based artist, says that even the best liquid foundations won’t give you the perfect coverage until it is blended well (which tells us that MAJOR role blending has). Using a dampened synthetic makeup sponge for the application of foundation is the key to complete coverage.

Celebrity makeup artists

Makeup primers are not just for under your makeup. Use it after applying your foundation to take away shine and to set the look. Take a little bit in your fingers and pat it on softly on your T-zone, says Toby Fleischman.

To prevent effects of humidity, Wei Lang says, “I like wax-based foundation for an all-day look”, whose client list includes Beyonce and Heidi Klum. “It’s water-resistant and usually comes in a cream formula, such as KETT Fixx Creme and RCMA cream foundation.”

For the eyes:

“I love using a touch of blush in the crease of the eye before eye shadow. It warms up the look and makes the eye colour pop, especially if the blush is rose or pink in tone. When you pair it with neutral shadows, it gives an unexpected and unexplainable pop to the eye”, says Beau Nelson, celebrity makeup artist.

Celebrity makeup artists

For the perfect cat eye, Carmindy suggests to place a credit card flat against your skin and form a 45-degree angle from the outer corner of your upper lashline to the outer corner of your brow and apply the liner along to make the process easy-peasy.

Celebrity makeup artists

Mélanie Inglessis, celebrity makeup artist, says “Waterproof mascaras are great for holding the curl longer but harder to get off. A little trick is to layer your waterproof mascara on top of your regular one. It will wipe off easier and the regular mascara will have longer staying power!” 

For the lips: 

James Vincent helps us out in our long search for the perfect red to match our complexion. He advises to apply a lip colour that has the same undertone as our skin: cool uses cool and warm uses warm. Applying a red with the opposite tone just at the centre of your lips gives rise to an illusion of a fuller lip.

Jemma Kidd, one of the famous celebrity makeup artists based in London says, “To prevent a makeup pencil from reaching the breaking point when you sharpen it, put it in the freezer 30 minutes beforehand. This makes the tip less apt to crumble and produces a neater line. Before using the liner, soften it a bit by drawing a quick stroke on the back of your hand.”

Dabbing a colour corrector before applying the lipstick to neutralise the lips helps in making the colour appear more vibrant, says celebrity makeup artist Petra Strand. 


These were some of the game-changing makeup hacks celebrity makeup artists are using and now you can include them in your daily makeup routine too! 



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