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When Coco Chanel said, ‘Fashion changes, but style endures’, I’m sure she excluded Indian weddings as an exception. Or maybe he didn’t account for this exciting festivity, which appears to have evolved drastically, both in its style and fashion weddings changed. 

So have our weddings changed? We’re not saying the basic ethos of Indian marriages has been altered, but like pretty much everything else, modernization has played its part here. Take a look!

BUDGET – Once a Pocket Pinch, Always a Pocket Pinch

Let’s begin with what matters most. Don’t worry, the Indian wedding is as big and fat as it has always been. If there’s something that has changed, it is flexibility. How about doing away with a conventional ritual here and instead of pouring in your budget in the ceremony that you love the most and are likely to cherish forever? That is precisely what has happened- spending on where you ‘want’ to more than where you ‘have’ to. 

weddings changed

VENUES – Destined for a Destination Wedding?

There has been a general trend in moving away from home, for our marriages, and well, in general. While the latter is debatable, who would mind tying the knot in a bona fide palace of Rajwadas in Ajmer, or perhaps in one of the most exotic beaches of Goa? We’re not even talking international and this still sounds so incredible. Destination weddings are soaring in popularity today

weddings changed

ARRANGED V/S LOVE – No more the heated debate

Before I even start talking about it, let me clarify that I don’t mean offense to anyone, nor do I intend to be judgemental. But as it turns out, love marriages are more than cool today. Thankfully, more people have come to realize it in all practically, and well, some also have conceded it fearing elopement. There are other reasons too. In fact, there’s a growing campaign on social media against arranged marriages and trust me, they manage extremely effective jokes, trolls, memes and what not.

weddings changed

Inter-Caste/ Inter-Religion – Not worth any debate

Again, no intention to hurt sentiments; but any hegemony and orthodoxy are declining today, at least among the urban classes. That said, such marriages are a common sight and generally do not end up becoming the battleground for feuds as shown in Bollywood, or recalled from history. The issue of inter caste and inter religion one is the most important aspect of Indian weddings changed nature because some Indian Hindu brides are having foreign Christian grooms which clearly indicates the rise in inter-religious marriages. On the other hand, we can see a south Indian marrying a north Indian, a Baniya marrying a Punjabi, a Brahmin marrying a Rajput etc etc etc… which are clearly an indication of Intercaste marriages.

weddings changed

inter-caste marriage

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Attire – The singular most important aspect, isn’t it?

This is so expected. Basically today, the bride/groom can expect her/his say in what to put on for his/her wedding. Favor much? This is contrary to the times when the same ancestral bridal sari was used for multiple generations of brides of the family, or things of such caliber. Although the inclination still happens to be towards traditional wear, enter a certain fashion designer and you suddenly have everything, from embroidered lehengas to tuxedos.

weddings changed

Planning – Wedding Planners

Our perception of planning a wedding has undergone a somewhat drastic transformation. The onus of organizing it all is no more upon the bride’s family as if it was returning a favor. This also applies to the budget. Today, there is a fair balance and equivalence in terms of which side finances how much. Also, really smart professionals called wedding planners have entered the whole scene, and they’ll do you everything, right from preparing the guest list to figuring out the meals and getting in the decorations in place.

weddings changed


A perfect example-Wedamor

Social Media – From Everywhere to Everywhere

Lovey-dovey proposal posts? Check. Pre-wedding party pictures? Check. Shopping lists? Check. All of this on Facebook. Wait, not only Facebook, on every possible (anti) social media platform. Today, an album stands more for a Facebook album and less for the album that the poor photographer guy provides.

weddings changed



Your thoughts? have weddings changed? or still not satisfied?

So, what do you think? Have our weddings changed? And more importantly, is the change good? Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Or is it the other way round? Yes, quite a few things to ponder about! And if you are ready with your opinion, just scribe them down in the comment box below.



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