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Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner – Wedamor

A wedding is the most special day for a bride and groom. It is a day when two people come together in a promise to be with each other with loyalty and love. It not only involves two people but two families as well. Hosting a wedding is not at all an easy job. It […]

Weddings In Diversity – Cultures In Various States Of India – Wedamor

Weddings and marriages are celebrated as a one fine grand festival in India. They are enjoyed with high enthusiasm and energy. It is the most special occasion for all the relatives and family members to come together and enjoy. Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals. There are different rituals in different parts of […]

10 Interesting Wedding Traditions Around the World – Wedamor

India, being a super rich country in culture and heritage, has innumerable traditions and customs when it comes to weddings and most of which exist only in India. Right from deciding the date of the wedding– unlike the rest of the world, we let stars and planets decide the Holy date which ensures a prosperous […]

Unique Marriage Traditions Around the World – Wedamor

A marriage is what brings two people close and together. It joins two families as one big happy family. Regardless of their cultures, traditions, religions, and customs, two people learn to embrace their love. Weddings are all over the world and due to the cultures; marriage traditions and customs there are various kinds of marriages […]

Virashka Wedding (the most awaited wedding of the year)

Virashka wedding has always been the most awaited wedding for Virat as well as Anushka’s Fans. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli wedding is the buzz of the year . Proof of it is  social media craziness on Monday evening. As news leaked in that the two will release a statement . Photos post of  their […]

9 Unique Indian Wedding Traditions And Their Significance

Indian weddings are epitome of glamour and fun. There are so many unique Indian wedding traditions and functions. Indian weddings are not a one day party. It’s a three day affair with so many ceremonies and moments of fun are shared. It is the time of the year when the whole family gets together under […]

Ultimate Guide To Be A Perfect Bridesmaid – Wedamor

When a girl is getting married more than her, the best friend is excited. Do you know the reason? The reason for the excitement is because you get to wear new clothes and you have a chance to have a lot of fun. But with this fun and excitement comes the huge responsibility of bridesmaids.  […]

Creative Twists In Traditions For Weddings

Thinking of the old, traditional Indian wedding, what really comes to mind is boring and only boring. But surely, it doesn’t have to be that way in today’s world. We become so much invested in planning a wedding according to traditions and rituals that we forget what we actually want and what all are our […]

Top Five Indian Wedding Blogs To Take Inspiration From!

Given how the situation is right now, everyone is sitting home and is quarantined. We are just getting bored and waiting eagerly for this situation to settle down. Since, currently, everything has come to a halt due to the pandemic, weddings have also been either canceled or postponed.  Till the time everything gets normal, why […]

The Significance of Haldi Ceremony – Wedamor

The wedding shenanigans began with the auspicious celebration of the Haldi ceremony. The ceremony is considered to be an important part of the wedding. The Hindu wedding is incomplete without this ceremony.  It has been going on and on since we can trace back. The way a wedding is performed is different for every state, […]

The Beauty And Importance of Indian Wedding Traditions – Wedamor

The reason I love Indian weddings is because of their traditions. They aren’t called the Big Fat Indian Wedding for no reason. They are a grand affair of having splendid celebrations that have music, people dancing to good music, colorful rituals and shining outfits. Every religion and every region has different customs and different traditions. […]

Solah Shringar- The sixteen steps of Bridal Makeup in Hindu Marriage

Solah means sixteen and Shringar means makeup or adornments. So, solah shringar is the 16 steps that women follow for their beautification from head to toe at the time of their wedding, some religious ceremony or festival. They have a sentimental value attached to them as they help a woman transcend into a beautiful bliss of […]

Significance Of Traditional Ornaments In Indian Weddings

In a Hindu marriage, there are customs and traditions galore. One of the custom is to do ‘solah shringar’ on the wedding day which means the bride wears all the sixteen ornaments on the Big day. It includes the red and gold ethnic wear (Saree, Lehenga), Vermilion, Bangles, Anklets, Nose Ring, Armlets, perfume and many […]

Significance Of Solaah Shringaar – Wedamor

Solaah Shringaar refers to the 16 items that are worn by the bride after her wedding. It is compulsory for every bride to wear these ornaments. These items are of great significance and are the sign of a married woman. Plus, these ornaments helps the bride to look even prettier than usual. The girls often […]

Significance of Saat Phere (Saptapadi) in the Hindu Marriage

According to the Hindu beliefs, marriages are made in heaven and once the marriage is performed, the two souls are joined for seven lifetimes. The significance of Saat Phere in the Hindu customs and rituals cannot be ignored. Saat Phere also is known as Saptapadi are the circumambulations or rounds around the sacred fire and is one of […]

Significance of Kanyadan in the Hindu Marriage and Rituals

India is a host to innumerable customs and rituals but, kanyadan in the Hindu marriage is considered the most important among them. This ritual has an underlying significance which has been passed down through generations since the time of Vedas. But, some of these rituals have been modified along the way, giving rise to something completely […]

Seven Sacred Vows And Hindu Weddings – Wedamor

Marriage is a sacred union between two people. It is a celebration of love and understanding that two people share. India is a land of culture and tradition and marriage in India is celebrated like a big grand festival. This celebration is not only about two people getting married but also about their families who […]

Say “Yes” To Arranged Marriages. Here’s why? – Wedamor

Before I start, I let me tell you that I have no first hand knowledge of ‘marriages’ altogether. I am just another Indian novice who is open to all the ideas of marriage on its continuum. So there you are ensured that these points of views are very much unbiased. We as millennials are scared […]

Saat Phere of Wedding- Seven Auspicious Parikramas – Wedamor

Saat Phere of Wedding – Although we, Indians, are abundant in customs and rituals but seems incognizant about the theories behind them. With the passage of time, not even our dressing but our culture has been overhauled a lot. In this fast paced life, most of the people become negligent towards a decisive and essential […]

Right Time to Get Married: Society vs Us – Wedamor

Living in a country like India, odds are that if you’re in your 20s, you’re constantly being pressured by your family and relatives (unless you’re one of the lucky few) to start your own life because they think it’s the ‘ right time to get married ‘. But what does this ‘right time’ even mean? We’re […]

Post Wedding Ritual Of Gujarati Wedding – Wedamor

Some many fun-filled pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals happen on Gujarati wedding day. It is finally time for a little bit of sorrow and many more celebrations. As much fun the wedding was, post-wedding rituals also match its fun. Gujarati weddings come with a lot of rituals and traditions to follow. But they are fun and […]

15 Songs for Mehendi Function No One Will Forget

The big fat Indian wedding. Food, functions, more food and even more functions and this goes on till the bride leaves in tears or with swag as she prefers.The many functions help in making the wedding a grand affair. Mehendi ki raat, one of the most awaited pre-wedding functions. The bride is told to sit […]

Peppy Wedding Photobhoot Props to Spruce Up your D-Day Album – Wedamor

It is a very big decision to finally tie the knot with your partner. Along with being a very big day for which you have had dreams since forever, it is the start of a new phase. This makes it even more special, making you look out for it. A perfect wedding needs a lot […]

Mehendi Function Ideas To Add Some Extra Fun And Entertainment!

Vivid colours, upbeat music and fascinating decor, Mehendi function is the most fun-centric out of all the ceremonies. To  make the event, more memorable,  plan really cool and happening activities that will involve all your guests and make them bond well. We have created a list of mehendi function ideas to add some extra fun […]