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About Katia Peshakova Photo Gallery

Sensible Camera Photography by Katia Peshakova is based out of Mumbai and one of the most famous photographers in the city. Katia is an International wedding photographer who made India her home in 2012 and started shooting Indian weddings. Katia says that her heart is divided in two parts: between India and photography. Through Sensible Camera Photography by Katia Peshakova, she aims to mix up these two parts! Katia promises to show you the India that she sees in her heart. Clicking with her team under the motto “Made with Love” she really does make her work stand apart. Her team not only goes across customs in your family, the final book that they hand over to you has the usual wedding moments transformed into a piece of art. So far Katia has shot different regional and cultural weddings across country and is very familiar with Indian customs and Hindi.

What they do ?

They create memories of your wedding day in a candid and creative way so that you will remember these memories for a lifetime. Their  team uses the most advanced photography equipment while capturing the soul of the moments that will fill your heart with happiness, forever.

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What they Love ?

They love creating stories that mean something to our clients. A wedding day is a once in a lifetime occasion and they do our utter best to make this day as special as possible. From capturing special moments to creating lasting memories, it is their passion to do it all in the best way possible.