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mehendi accessories

Mehendi functions are basically the dawn of the wedding ceremonies. This is where all the fun and drama begins from. With the music, dance and laughter, this function allows you to play with colours and dress a little casually. This is the day where you can experiment with all the pretty fancy accessories you’ve always liked with your hands decorated beautifully in mehendi and if you’re not a fan of heavy jewellery, that won’t be a problem, we got you covered!

A List of Fancy Mehendi Accessories

Here’s a list of fancy mehendi accessories ideas that you should try for an even prettier look!

1) Nail Extensions


mehendi accessories(Image Source – The Bridal Box)

Give your pretty fingers a beautiful touch by going for nail extensions. You can either get gel or acrylic extensions that last for 1-2 months or you can go for temporary stick-on nails. Choose from a wide range of personalised gorgeous nail-art that matches your clothing, or floral designs. Also, the length of the nails can vary as per your preference.

2) Floral Tiaras

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – fashion101.in/)

For all your wedding functions, there are no second thoughts about the fact that *you* are the queen. Top up your stunning look with beautiful floral crowns or tiaras. A chain of flowers is extremely light, hence you can have a lot of those in your hair and feel no pressure or heaviness. You can also wear them as a maangtika or a boho crown.

3) Haathphool

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – Anupa Shah Photography)

One of the most beautiful and trending mehendi accessories is the haathphool. Beautiful chain of gajra combined with rose, or any flower of choice is the perfect pick for your pretty wrists decorated in mehendi. Not only will your hands look stunning, but will smell amazing too.

4) Anklet / Barefoot Sandals

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – Pinterest)

Why should your hands have all the fun? Your feet deserve to be happy-happy too! decorate your beautiful feel with nail paint and anklets. You can go for barefoot sandals too and show-off your pretty feet in style!

5) Jhumka

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – english.fashion101.in)

Long or big jhumkas to match with your outfit are great mehendi accessories. You can go for heavy jhumkas, pom-pom earrings or flower earrings for the colourful look.

6) Bracelets

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – pinterest)

Pretty bracelets with ghungroo or flowers are not only great mehendi accessories but also beautiful giveaways for the function!

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7) Sunglasses

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – pinterest)

Be the hot and swaggy bride-to-be as you pull up your shades and show off your style! This is essential for an afternoon mehendi function.

8) Jutti

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – FurSid Photography)

A colourful pom-pom jutti or sandals are your perfect partners for the mehendi function. Get matching jhumkas to make your look fancier.

9) Long Bracelets

mehendi accessories

(Image Source – in.pinterest.com)

These fancy, beautiful pieces will go perfectly with your outfit. They are a classy and trendy mehendi accessory and can be synchronized with your multi-colour sandals and earrings.

10) Rings

mehendi accessories

You can either go for kundan rings, or light floral rings. Big, round rings are a mehendi function personified accessory and you wear them with any outfit.

Here is a list of mehendi accessories that every bride-to-be can shortlist for her wedding functions. Let us know about more accessories in the comment section!