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Wedamor Novella is a collection of tiny heart touching romantic tales,which will surely touch your heart , a couple of lines will take your breath away, written by the author of the series “The Valentine Diary“, Abhay Deep Singh.

We will bring a daily dose of love through this series,publishing and featuring one tiny tale daily and try to build a bond with the reader so that they can associate with the sole motive of the wedamor ,which is celebrating love and togetherness.



“Hello readers , I hope you all will be doing great, here at wedamor love is a full-time business for all of us ,after a significant silence I am back with a new series”

wedamor novella

 I hope you will give this series the same love and affection ,as we got for our previous series The Valentine Diary.


In the case of any queries or suggestions please let us know in the comment section,we will be happy to implement any valid suggestion in our future articles.

So stay tuned and updated as we sail forward with our new series with a hope of getting more love and support, from all of you”


Abhay Deep Singh

Team Wedamor

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