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best reception entry ideas

Bollywood, these days is serving to be a great inspiration for Indian weddings. And the yearning to make every stride a joyful reminiscence, the bride and the groom are steering to unconventional routines. And if so are you, in attempts to make your wedding spectacularly remarkable, then here today I bring to you a few exclusive reception entry ideas that can add to the impose and magnificence of the day.

So let’s check out some reception entry ideas.

Sparkle of Iridescencereception entry ideas

Modest yet most splendid. Either the corners of your entrance alley can be sidelined with sparklers which could be set on; just as you to make your way to the venue. Or otherwise, you could let the guests hold on to them as you two approaches.  Though the later looks breathtakingly mesmerizing but could be difficult to implement as it is inconvenient to hold all the guests in place when the wedding excitement is at its peak. Some people would recommend you to go for colorful glitters, but I would personally recommend you to go for silver glitters on a dark night.

Cinderella’s Carriagereception entry ideas

Yes, that’s what I mean- it’s the moment when you can live your favorite fairytale. A flowered carriage can be a total head-turner and most importantly it can give the princess feel, which you so rightly deserve. Make sure your decorator arranges for the horses, preferably white horses.

Zorbing Ballreception entry ideas

Sounds adventurous.  Well so should be the spirit of the wedded couple. And this is going to be the best part of your reception. The fun will also give you momentary relief from the wedding palaver.

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Talent Showreception entry ideas

By talent, we mean anything that you are good at- singing, dancing or poetry or writing. If you are good at writing, write a brief poem and recite it as you enter dedicating it to closed ones or to the special one. If you can sing well, well what could be better than a musical entry. And if your foot taps to music well, go dancing at your reception. No jokes meant. This among our reception entry ideas could also give a better insight into your personality.

Flash Mob reception entry ideas

Very recently I got to be a part of this extravaganza and believe me it was the topic of conversation till the wedding ended. The groom with his close cousins entered the venue with a flash mob. The surprise element is very much appreciated and unnerves the wedding trauma.

Flower Showerreception entry ideas: shower of flowers

Of all the reception entry ideas, the most aesthetic idea in our list is the shower of flowers. Okay, the one which I attended was way too lavish and had copters at its service to shower rose petals on the bride and groom. But if your budget permits, you could do the same by making use of harness and professionals. This one has a dreamy effect.

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Entry With a Vehiclereception entry ideas

By vehicle we mean essentially anything – from a cycle to an auto or a bike- anything could add panache to your entry. And if money is nothing to you, then it could get even crazier with you and your bride lending at the venue from parachutes. And if your reception is at a beach, ski-boats would do unfathomable magic.

Sky Lanterns

reception entry ideas

The surreal effect that this would give to your reception cannot be explained in just words. It would be more than flamboyance and magic, romance and care, jubilation and celebration.

Tell us in the comment section if you have crazier reception entry ideas and we will add them up.


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