The Ultimate 15 Reasons to have a Royal Palace Wedding

Rpyal Palace Wedding

A wedding is a fairytale unfolding before our eyes, transforming an ordinary day into something quite bewitching, and filling the lives of two people up to the brim with the magic of happiness. It is a union of two souls into a bond that stretches across time and space. If you close your eyes and replay the wedding scene from the legendary movie “The Godfather”, you know the kind of wedding we know you deserve. You deserve nothing less than a big, happy, merry wedding where everyone’s happy and everyone goes home with memories aplenty. We’d recommend a Royal Palace Wedding. Skeptical? Read our list of the 15 Coolest Things about having a Royal Palace Wedding, and decide now!

  1. You Can Have Everyone There

You won’t even have to consider the questions “Should I really invite my distant relative aunt who lives far away? There might not be enough seats” or “Which of dad’s friends from work can I invite?” –the fact is, you can invite them all. Invite the world, dear, it’s the celebration of the wonder that is you.

The thickness of the address book is the only limitation to the number of invitations you can send!

  1. Your Dream Wedding Can’t Get Any Better

Seriously though – you’re marrying your better half, at a royal palace, in the midst of the people who love you. The stones and walls sing of love, and the air smells of romance. It’s a setting every wedding would wish for.

  1. Let’s Give The World Something To Talk About

A royal palace decorated to perfection, with you at the centre of it all, at the eye of the storm of celebrations and joy – the mere idea has your friends jealous, and the world at large envious. The perfect backdrop for memories is thus made. Speaking of backdrops, let’s move to point 4:

  1. It’s The Photographer’s Paradise

A wedding isn’t complete without the wedding photographer capturing the best instances on film – while normal weddings have specific places and angles you have to face to get the best photos, in a royal palace wedding, the whole landscape turns into the photographer’s canvas. All you have to do is smile. With large outdoor spaces, and halls and staircases that could put the sets of films to shame, you have everything needed, to show Bollywood how it’s done.

Royal Palace Wedding

  1. Immerse Your Guests

Weddings can quickly turn into awkward family greetings and mumbled conversations for the people gathered, but the situation would never come to that at a wedding of such grandeur – with flowing music and beautiful backdrops like scenes from movies and literature, the wedding turns into a wholesome treat, etching happy memories in the minds of the guests.

  1. Make The Memory Last More Than ‘Forever’

“Memories aren’t made simply to ‘have’ – they’re made so that they’re cherished” The perfect of moments in our life aren’t simply defined by our emotion alone – they’re also defined by the settings and surroundings we’re in. What better way could there be, to brighten up and frame a memory, (that too such a precious one), than to grab it in the outfit of a palace, and perfect smiles. You deserve to marvel at the perfection your wedding was.

  1. Spots For Romantic Getaways

A wedding function always serves to rekindle love in hearts. With a mighty palace in the picture, look nowhere further for a bit of alone time for the poet in you, or some romantic get-away time for the two of you!

Royal Palace Wedding

  1. Unparalleled Levels of Comfort

For the little kids to run amok and the grandparents to sit together and have some fun, and for the rest of the family to relax and take a break from their hectic days, the best place is a palace, and a happy wedding, the best occasion.

  1. Make It Selfistaan

Who doesn’t click good photos when you go to exquisite places? Awaken the amateur photographers and models in your guests, and let happiness regale. It’s just Athithi Devo Bhava, practically redefined.

Royal Palace Wedding

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  1. Who’s The King?

To feel like Royalty is one thing. To get married like them is another thing altogether. Face the music, and preside as the King and Queen, for the day that’s all about you.

  1. ‘T is Always the Season of Romance Here

“In love, we begin, and in love, the world lives on.” –a wedding always revolves around love. Then there are royal palace weddings, where we celebrate the love that binds the world together. When the air blows to knock away the locks of hair for Prince Charming to tug back into place, even nature seems to be in love. Such is the atmosphere the wedding breathes in.

  1. The Party Never Ends

As time seems to stand still in the beauty of the moment, as happiness washes over and a palace stands still as the celebrations continue, you can be sure, the party never ends here.

Royal Palace Wedding

  1. It’s a Mini Festival

The people that make up your universe, have assembled here to celebrate your life and your happiness. The royal palace wedding has ensured that the whole ensemble is treated to the miniature version of a festival. We celebrate in style.

  1. Bonds Made In Heaven

Marriage is the holy union, of love and passion and understanding, and it’s said to be made in heaven. Heaven might be an understatement for the luxury grandiose wedding you’ll have.


  1. To Auspicious Beginnings – With A Grand Beginning

Above all, marriage is an adventure, of discovery and learning. As you walk into this journey with your better half, what better way could there be, to begin it in a manner so regal and proud, than have it in a palace, as befits your persona. Let life drape you in all the glory and happiness in the world – and let a magnanimous wedding lead you on that journey.

Royal Palace Wedding

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