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Saat Phere of Wedding –

Although we, Indians, are abundant in customs and rituals but seems incognizant about the theories behind them. With the passage of time, not even our dressing but our culture has been overhauled a lot. In this fast paced life, most of the people become negligent towards a decisive and essential event of their life “Wedding”. To grab those people attention and make their involution in the exquisite moment of their life, we have focused on the Saat Phere of Wedding. Here, we have tried to unveil each and every phase of the significant event “Saptpadi,” in Sanskrit, of wedding. Let’s fragment this word Saptpadi, Sapt means seven and Padi means foot i.e. making betrothal to be together in every phase of life.

In the seven circumambulations ceremony, Agni is weighed as so pure and sanctified that becomes the witness of this bond. Parikramas around fire make that bond immortal and fortified their relation. Even, through rhymes of Sanskrit shlokas in the following rounds, priest invites god and goddess to give their blessings for bride and groom’s new journey:

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saat phere

In first pledge of their new journey, they pray for the sustenance of their family and expect for the blessing of God to maintain respect, understanding between each other. Bride promises to fulfill all the needs and take all household responsibilities .Groom take responsibility to keep that promise and nurture his family. They both take vow to be venerating towards each other.

In second pledge of their journey of togetherness, they pray for the wedlock having mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support. They take vows to become the shield for each other in every difficult phase of life. They pray to the Lord to make their companionship never ending and vow to love each other forever.

saat phere

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In the third phera, bride and groom both adjure the God to be prosperous and wealthy. They want to be economically strong not to fulfill their wishes, their children requirements but to accomplish their unearthly obligations. They vow to maintain their commitment and trueness towards each other.

We all know that without compatibility in opinion and action, no relationship can be long-lasting. Without this, that bond‘s grace fades away. Even to strengthen the backbone of family, giving respect to elders and taking care of all family members are very essential. So in the fourth round of saptpadi, couple vow to respect each other parents and maintain the dignity of their family values. Groom conveys his thanks to his wife to care for his family and to bestow felicity and pleasure in his life. Bride vows to be faithful towards him and his family.

When two people unite in a bond, they become the builder of new coevals for the society. So in a new journey, they both pray master to sanctify them with strong and exemplary children. They vow to be good parents for their children. They promise to nurture them, to give them good education, to impart good values. Husband also promises to be the best fellow for his wife and wife vows to shower her love, care and respect over her husband in every phase of life.

To live a healthy and prosperous life, bride and groom pray to the master to give hefty and joyful life. They expect to get the blessings from the Almighty to be strong and dedicated towards their family and their children. They ask for the happy, healthy and joyful life ahead.

saat phere

Moving towards the last step of circumambulation ceremony, couple prays to the master to bring love, trust, and understanding in their relationship. For the fulfillment of each other’s wishes, they vow to maintain the individuality of each other and promise to be the best companion. They promise to be together in every decision they take to have a peaceful life.

In general, before taking the seven vows, the bride sits towards the right-hand side of the groom. But after completing the seventh circle, the bride shifts to the left side of the groom and this symbolizes that the bride is now closer to groom’s heart.

Each and every little step of this ceremony holds a very significant impact on couple’s life. These seven auspicious parikramas of wedding are not just a medium to connect two souls, but it’s an alliance of two different cultures and families and it is the responsibility of that new couple to give strength to this alliance.