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The joy of finding “the just pair” of shoes! Invincible! But are you ready to flip on that gorgeous pair of stilettos on your D-day? Yes, most often Indian brides tend to forget that beautiful feet aren’t gifts. Hence foot care exercises should be a part of their beauty and fitness regime before their wedding. More so, because they wear and tear the most during wedding shopping extravaganza.

Just like it is essential to wisely choose your wedding shoes, so is it essential to make your feet prepared for it. Today we share with you some age-old secrets to revive the lost glory of your feet and flaunt them as well. So here they are the foot care tips:

Soak In

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When you put in your day long tired and worn feet into a bucket half-full with lukewarm water and a pinch of sea-salt, the magical realm that it transports you to is bottomless. Along with it, it prunes dead cells and revives the youth in your feet. For additional opulence, you can add olive oil and a few drops of fragrance oil as well.

Tip: Use soft water, i.e., water from the purifier. Tap water rich in salts can harden your heels.

Pamper Your Feet Like Your Face

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If you are aiming to make your feet enviably beautiful, then you should treat it no less than your face. The first key to flawless feet is exfoliation.  Regularly scrub your feet with a face or foot scrubber and use a pumice stone. Pumice stone serves as magic wands over dead foot cells. Pumice stones work most effectively on soaked feet.

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A moistening treatment is a must if you crave for baby-soft feet. Our foot cuticle being thicker than the rest of our body, the moisturizing lotion also needs to be thicker. Always choose creams or lotions containing alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxyl and those which can replenish your feet with Vitamin E. But I would always suggest opting for natural products over synthetic products. You could use cocoa butter for foot massage and pull over socks overnight. Natural oils are also a healthy alternative. But the magic is best done with a coconut oil therapy.

Let Them Breathe

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When you return home after the entire day spent in shopping, your feet need some breathing too. So take them off, wipe off the day’s sweat and accumulated dirt as in all the above steps and leave them open for a while. During winters, you can put on a fresh pair of cotton socks.

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Polish Guide

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Repeated nail coloring can cause the nails to discolor, weaken and flake. Hence you must often remove the paint from nail and maintain at least a few hours gap before reapplying paint. If you can go about some days without paint, then that is best recommended if you seek professional foot care help.

Nail Care

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Regularly and rightly trimming your toenails should also be a part of your feet-fitness regime. Trim them in an arc shape to the correct length thereby cleaning the accumulated dirt. If cut very short, they can cause great discomfort.

Cracked Heels and Foot Corns

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Now, these are the real tough rivals to healthy and supple feet and need medical assistance. There are creams like Krackrelief available for cracked heels and they work well. For small corn-attacks, corn caps do the needful but if your corn has grown out of control, immediately meet a dermatologist. In my case, my homeopathic consultant gave me the perfect doses.

Incorporate these simple foot care tips in your daily fitness regime and watch your foot-woes go down the drain.

Healthy feet and happy nuptials!



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