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It’s wedding day, and he’s more than what you could ever ask for, so why not return his love and surprise your groom, and sweep him off his feet as he did to you.

Here are some amazing ways to surprise your Groom on your wedding day.

1. Unforgettable First look
Let him be the first one to witness you in your wedding dress, and watch him gasp in amazement and awe as he is swept away.
Surprise your groom

2. Engrave his ring with a personal message
It can be a verse, your wedding dates or something that is sure to make him laugh.
Surprise your groom

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3. A love note
Get a younger cousin of him to deliver to him, either on the mane or while he’s getting ready.

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4. Embroidered note on his Handkerchief
Write a short and sweet message on his Handkerchief, and see him smile every time he uses it.
Surprise your groom

5. Survival Kit
Assemble a survival kit for him, with explaining to him what to do at every step of the wedding, and after that. 

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And that’s it from our side folks, if you have some suggestions, please do comment.



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