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The Jaimala is one of those ceremonies that we look forward to attending, the most. From the cheeky banter between the two families to the stolen glances of love, jaimala is essentially what sets the ball rolling for all the other rituals. With the wedding season just round the corner, Wedamor brings to you the trending jaimala design tips and ideas for your special day.

Jasmine and Lotus
Add a divine touch to one of the most special moments of your life by pairing lotus flowers with your regular jasmine garland. Lotus, widely regarded as a symbol of purity, is a rage this wedding season. By opting for this varmala, you get to take a break from the rampant and mundane use of marigold flowers in desi weddings.

Rose and Lily
Roses and lilies are said to one of the most compatible flowers. A rose-lily jaimala, although difficult to find, can make for a great option for the compatible couple. Leaves, roses, and lilies offer a perfect balance between natural wilderness and its inept beauty. A white rose and lily jaimala is the ideal choice for an exotic beach wedding.

Don’t Overdo it
Choose a vamala design that not only looks appealing but also doesn’t go overboard with its ambitions. An excessively elaborate garland could be a slight let-down. Simple designs too, more often than not, create absolute magic on the stage. Going gaudy is not appreciated by everyone, after all!

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Going lavender for your varmala is another upcoming trend that we are certain you won’t like to miss. If carefully integrated, the striking hues of violet, purple, and white lend a very dream-like scape to the jaimala ceremony. Moreover, be it an elegant wedding on a beach or a plush ceremony at a palatial hotel, lavender is a versatile option.

Twin with the Décor
The décor is an integral part of every wedding. Choosing a jaimala that does justice to the elaborate décor—you have paid tonnes for—can be crucial. Make sure to throw in flowers that match with the backdrop in hue or otherwise. Bonus tip: red and white never go out of style!
Complement the attires
It is every couple’s endeavour to look their best on their wedding day. A badly chosen Jaimala design can be quite a hindrance on this path to perfection. A jaimala should not overshadow your handpicked attire and apparels but at the same time, not be a mere flower laden string. Balance it out, we say.

Rosy Life (?)
Another trend that has been doing the rounds (for centuries) is rose jaimalas. Simple and full-fledged, if no longer as fragrant, roses are an absolute delight to have sewn into garlands. You have a number of colours to choose from, too. White, yellow, pink, red, pastel orange, and blue (only according to WhatsApp forwards), we strongly recommend roses if you haven’t decided, already.

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A Pearly affair
Does the idea of having a mesh of pearls around a fresh garland fascinate you too? Then here, you have it! Embellished jaimalas are an in-thing, lately. I am afraid; however, it is not as fancy as it sounds. Nonetheless, it adds quite some zing to your regular garlands, don’t you think?


Sweet, Classical Marigold

The one thing that you can never go wrong with is marigold. Since times immemorable –or better forgotten—we have been making use of the good ol’ marigold for our nuptial needs. And we strongly believe that marigold is to flowers, what potato is to vegetables: overly versatile.


Where est thou, Aestheticism?
The ultimate nightmare for anyone with artistic sensibilities is the absence of aestheticism. And, I am sure you don’t want your artist friends who hardly manage two square meals a day, manage your absolute blasphemy too. You have got to choose an aesthetic set of jaimalas to go with the décor, your attire, and most importantly, your taste.

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