The Valentine Diary: Chapter-7: The Last Hug (Vipul and Ishita’s Last hug)

Vipul was done with everything and everyone by this time; so long his self-esteem and self-respect were crushed under the weight of the silent promise he has been trying to live up to. He just needed someone to come and hug him and say everything is fine.


“He was like a warrior, in a battle which was meant to be his last but he survived because god wanted him to suffer more and die every day”.


But at this point, he was ready to betray his destiny, because his goddess has already given up on him.

This decision was hard; this time was hard but all the pains and sufferings he has been through were enough to forge him into a heartless, emotionally invincible and careless individual.

He started completing all the formalities for his earliest possible departure, and within a week everything was set, finally he was leaving, initially with a mindset, never to return back.

He felt like this is the state of mind he needed to come over everything, he has been through,

Mridul tried to counsel him but he was in no mood to entertain any advice from anyone, not even from his best friend.

Meanwhile time Ishita was feeling guilty at this point for whatever has happened to Vipul, she used to wait for him in the office expecting him to show up any moment, but  a week passed there was no sign of him, even his colleagues were clueless where he was, she knew he was hurt but she never expected him to respond in this way, she was worried for him, she didn’t want to be his lover, but didn’t want to lose him either, after all, he was all she had whom she trusted and cared for, because of him she was gaining the strength to fight the shades of her dark past.


Fed up of waiting she called him, but he didn’t pick up, she called again but none of her calls were answered, finally she left a message to him.

“Sorry for everything, I know you are upset, I wanna meet you,

Tomorrow evening, central market CCD at 5, I will be waiting….”

Next day she kept waiting, before time, an hour passed and he didn’t show up, she was getting anxious and restless she wanted to see him.

She was about to leave, when suddenly there someone appeared in front of her, he was Vipul.

All the anxiety on her face disappeared the next moment. “Hey how are you, you made me wait really long, and what’s wrong that you were avoiding me and not picking up my phone”, she asked, in spite of being aware of everything, she just wanted him to be comfortable.

“No nothing I was just a bit busy, ” Vipul said and faked a smile.

“Both were well aware what other was going through but none of them wanted to start all that again as if there was a strange mutual understand of a common pain they both were sharing.”

“Why don’t you come to the office?” Ishita inquired.

“I quit the job, that day only”, Vipul said.

“What?!! Are you mad”, she exclaimed.

“Please I don’t want to discuss this, I have done whatever was needed to be done,” Vipul said.

He was in pain and she knew this.

Vipul got up to leave and at the same moment, Ishita interrupted.


“Is it because of me!!”, she asked with a restless look towards Vipul.

Before she could say anything more, he hugged her, she hugged him even tighter.

And Vipul whispered in her ears” yes it’s you it has been always you, I am leaving for Australia this Sunday forever and still it’s you…!!!”






Before she could say anything he left and walked away as if he will never ever return and continue to burn in the eternal fire of incompleteness for the rest of his life…!!

She knew it was the last time she was in his arms, this time he will not return, she saw him walking away and fading in the crowd, but this time she wanted her what her more than ever before.


Her past was no more haunting her, she knew his love is the medicine which can heal because it was true, she knew she can choose again, and it was him she wanted to bet rest of her life on without any expectations and condition

Actually, she was in love for the first time, her past was a mistake not love, but still she was haunted, she has seen the determination blazing in eyes of Vipul which were saying to her.


“I am walking away from your life; Today I am quitting to live and choosing to die, daily till the fall of time, so that you can live in peace”.


……………………………………………………………to be continued

…………………………………………………………….Abhay Rathore