The Valentine Diary:Chapter-5:A Silent Promise – Wedamor

The life of Ishita and Vipul both have been turned upside down, both were marshed in insecurities and uncertainties. Both were afraid of what else the fate has yet to unfold, for them.

“A promise must never be broken ”.  

Months passed but none of them was ready to move on.


Meanwhile, Vipul became silent like he has been never before, consumed by the battle he was going within . This change didn’t go unnoticed for long, especially from his roommate and best friend Mridul who has been a  partner in all his secrets and pains for years.

“There is something terribly wrong with you dude, seriously; I have never seen you like this in years”

Mridul said. “Is it something related to Ishita?” He asked. Vipul did not want to trouble him; he was in no mood of any discussion over her because he knew it would only add to his sufferings.

“No nothing much to worry about I am absolutely fine”, Vipul replied.

“But sometimes it becomes really hard to hide anything from your best buddies who care for you unconditionally”

“So, it’s her again, how long will you keep stuck to the same girl, move on man, you better move on”. Mridul tried to convince him.

He was a rational and practical man of logic and he has seen how much his best friend has been through to get this girl.

Vipul eventually told him everything whatever happened in these months.


“Dude, there is something seriously wrong with her, she is still stuck in her past and you are no different. If she would have wanted to move on, she would have been by your side already. But for now you will have to move on, you have your whole life, your career, your family. “There are   much more important things to worry about”,Mridul tried to counsel him like any other friend.

“But I can’t, you know me well, I can’t “Vipul almost cried.

“You will have to man, it’s been years, and you are stuck at the same place if you have decided to destroy yourself it’s fine”, Mridul said angrily.

“Dude, please don’t try to convince me, you know me well. Maybe I will never be able to get her but I don’t want to sit some day and regret, if I would have tried harder,she would have been a part of my life. I don’t want to live with a guilt.All I want is  to try and at least don’t take this from me. I will be fine, ”Vipul said.

“No bro, you already have been through enough. Its time you move on, you don’t deserve this fate”. Mridul pleaded him.

“But she is in pain, she has been through enough and I can’t watch her suffer anymore. I am going to get her and make her happy forever, she deserves a better life”, Vipul almost cried.

“Mridul knew how much he loved her, but he also knew he has to bring him back otherwise this zest will consume him soon.”

“And what about you, don’t you deserve a better life. I agree with everything you say but you can’t make her happy. If she doesn’t want to move on, you will only make it worse for her. Even you have seen it, in past few months, She is not meant to be in your life, don’t be kiddish, grow up dude”, Mridul made a final attempt to convince him.

Vipul knew his friend was right; his zest was making it difficult for both of them.

Mridul went on, “you have already made it to Australia, go for  MBA, away from this place, far -far away from here. Just live your dreams, make your career so that nothing and no one can haunt you, you are spoiling your life here”.

“I know you care for me. But I can stay here if I want to, I have a job as well”. Vipul argued.

“As a friend I have told you what I thought is best for you, rest is your will, “he padded Vipul, smiled and left him, to ponder and decide.


Vipul was now analyzing both the aspects,

“He still remembered the silent promise he had made to himself, to live for her girl. But on another side, he also knew in this situation. The same promise for which he has been risking everything was destroying both of them…..!!!”