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The Valentine Diary:Chapter-6: Kiss Of The Damned


On kiss day, after his discussion with Mridul, Vipul was thinking logically and with a clear mind analyzing all the aspects, the path he should take, because he knew whatever he chooses today he will have to live with it for the rest of his life.On this kiss day, he have decided to take the best decision.

“Sometimes one choice is all you have and once you choose there is no turning back”

And same was the situation with  Vipul right now, he knew all he was doing was for the happiness of Ishita and if he will not move on, he will only add to her sufferings, she will not heal she will turn worse.

He had to choose, he finally chose!!!

Next morning Mridul was sitting, in the living room reading newspaper.

When Vipul entered the room and padded him on his back.

“Hey, philosopher”, Vipul teased him.

Mridul was amazed by this sudden transformation in him but happy as well, his friend was returning back.

“Yes Romeo, wassup, still searching for true love”, Mridul counter-attacked.

“I have decided, I am going to Australia, I need a long vacation away from this place,

And need to learn some management skills as well”, Vipul said sarcastically.

“But there is still time, what about these three months, how this time will pass”, Vipul said.

“You have a job as well man, utilize it, go at least earn some bucks before you leave, you need to feed me as well”, Mridul advised in a naughty tone.

“Genius, selfish bastard you are, great idea”, Vipul said.

After a week Vipul had to join, deep inside he was still healing, but now he did not want to miss any opportunity to be busy, thinking less and just working.

And finally the day came, the first day of his office; he suited up and reached on time.

The first day was the orientation ceremony, all the new joiners were to be briefed on customs and work of the company and there were around 30 of them.

Vipul was unaware, that his fate still had some unfinished business with him.

He saw a familiar face in the crowd and he was awestruck, it was Ishita!!, She was also a new recruit in the same company.

The eyes of both met and “Vipul was again at the same point where it all started, the same old memories started to haunt him again”

Ishita also appeared a bit worried and uncomfortable, none of them talked they both were ignoring each other as if pretending to be strangers.

Initially reluctant, finally Ishita came to Vipul during break time; she was holding a tiffin box.

“Hey Vipul, would you like to have some sandwiches”, she asked humbly with a smile.

Vipul could no longer resist her, all his efforts summed up to be meaningless.

He stood from his chair, held Ishita’s hand and started walking towards the terrace and Ishita followed without a word of resistance.


“What you want, you know exactly what I am going through within, I can’t resist you and neither can have you in my life, just tell me what I should do now”, Vipul almost cried in pain.

“I don’t know Vipul, I  just don’t know anything”, Ishita replied with her head still lower in tears, dropping down from her eyes.

Vipul was now more weak, weaker than even before, he could never watch her cry. 

In spite of all, she was her only weakness.

He held her in his arms trying to console her but at the next moment Ishita kissed him on his lips and the feel of that first kiss was enough for the old Vipul to take over him.

“You love me right, see even you love me now”, he said.

By then Ishita realized what she had done, she had crossed the limits, of the boundaries she had defined herself, he was not just a friend to her anymore, he was someone more to her, and something she was not yet ready to admit.


She left without saying anything.

Vipul stood there, thinking how a single moment can define you for a lifetime and at this point he was done with everything, he was irritated.

“The beast within has taken over his soft gentle and sober aura, he was done with the feelings of love and care”

His limits of patience have been crossed and tested. The same day he resigned from his job. He had made up his mind to leave for Australia as soon as possible.

He was not in his true state of mind; his rage was ruling him as if now nothing and no can stop him, whatever he was upto….

……………….to be continued

……………….. Abhay Rathore