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Weddings are the perfect time when the whole family gets together and enjoys. Cousins and relatives, who haven’t met for so long, actually take out the time from their own lives. With the fast-moving world, it gets difficult for everyone to meet and spend time with each other.

People usually are so busy in their own lives that it gets extremely difficult to be in regular touch with each other or meet out and have fun. So, the wedding is perfect for good family time, cheer, celebrations and reliving old memories. With the numerous functions, good food, and drinks everything gets even more amazing.



The celebrations become more lively with dance. Dance is something that can help all relatives and dear one’s bond with each other. These days such dance sessions are given a lot of importance in weddings.

With a special big function of Sangeet mostly including both the families and guests of both sides, special performances are planned. Efforts are made by all the relatives to prepare for a special performance. Groups are divided, pairs are made and songs are selected. A lot of homework goes in for planning the proper sangeet. These days most wedding planners have their choreographers to get everyone ready for the performance. Insight about a few top choreographers from across India to rock your Sangeet might just help you to select the best one.

Top Sangeet Choreographers across India

YouTube Channels

There are so many YouTube channels available for you to prepare a beautiful dance performance for your sangeet or the sangeet ceremony of any of your cousin or friend. There are all types of dances, simple to complex choreographies with no amount that needs to be paid.


You can just dance along and learn at any time you want, without paying any extra amount. It is easier and convenient and can be the best teacher for the ones who don’t want to spend too much. While planning your Sangeet, you can choose the dance videos you like and send them to everyone who is participating to learn much before the ceremonies start. Few of the famous channels for Sangeet performance include:

  • Bolly TC
  • Ritu Gupta
  • Priya Kumar
  • Team Naach
  • Melvin Louis

Along with these, you can find thousands of other channels as per your preference and song.

The Eight Count Dance Company

An amazing dance company of Jaipur, it is perfect for the heritage and royal weddings there. The company provides the best dance moves for each member to rock the Sangeet night.

Happy Dancing Feet

Giving you the perfect package of romantic and enjoyable dance moves, this Mumbai based company is one of the best there. As the name suggests, it makes you grove happily with unique concepts, desi thumkas, and exclusive performances.

Sugandha Wadhwa Choreography


Based in New Delhi, she is one of the most preferred choreographers for sangeet night. She has flash mobs, exclusive conceptualization, and a never-ending trail of enjoyment and fun with her perfectly set and stage-worthy performance techniques.

Dance Smith Performing Arts

It is a famous dance company based in New Delhi. Started as an experimenting group it has grown to be a huge company with a lot of experienced dancers and live dance show performances. It is a good deal to have a fun Sangeet.

YSDC Wedding Choreography


Yellow Stripe Dance Company is a conceptualized dance company in New Delhi. It is famous and a perfect choice to make your Sangeet larger than life. It can help you get ready with dance numbers that will make everyone twist with you.

M.S. Choreography

Manpreet Singh Choreography is world-class. He is behind all the hard work and is equal to a group alone being the best wedding choreographer for a big fat Punjabi wedding and Sangeet. Based in New Delhi, he is a perfect Punjabi choice.