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A bride without the “Nath” looks incomplete or we might conclude that without the Nath or the Nose Ring, her bridal look is rather boring and plain, because it adds charm to the woman’s bridal wear and brings out a totally different personality. The wedding album just looks unfinished without the bride who is trying to adjust her Nath. She appeared the happiest while doing that.

The Nath is a significant ornament which is included in the Solah Shringar adornment list, completing the women’s  Shringar as a bride to be. This beautiful accessory has been around for decades and every girl wishes to wear it so she can feel even more beautiful and look cute. Also, this is to be kept in mind that while selecting the bridal Nath for you, you need to know what style would match your personality and look good on you. For that to happen, we are here to present the best and trendy Nath Designs for the bride to be worn in 2020 to look the most stylish and adorable bride ever. So, choose the best one for you:-

1. Small Naths

A tiny ring or ringlet Nath is only right for brides who want to highlight their features without drawing all attention away. These little naths are best suited to those brides that have a smaller face.


2. Kundan Nath

If investing so much for a nath is not your thing then make sure to choose a beautiful piece of kundan nath that has their own shine. The kundan nath is a very rich piece of kundan jewelry that looks extremely stylish and the person who wears it can immediately steal the show away. Nude makeup will look super smashing with this nose ring. So girls, be ready to rock your wedding with your astounding look. 


3. The Traditional Floral Nath

Mix a bunch of fresh flowers into your traditional jewelry. They are going to leave you looking as lively as ever. For Indian destination weddings, this is a great look. You will not just glow with the perfect colors that Mother Nature has picked for you, but you’re also going to breathe in the fragrance to calm you down on your big day.


4. Oversized Bridal Nath

If you think you don’t have the perfect nose for a nosering or a tiny nath, then you just need an oversized nath. It will shift all of the public’s attention from your nose shape to the unique jewelry piece. Also, if you’re one of those brides who like to go conventional but with a twist, then these bridal naths are just right for you!



5. Traditional Maharashtrian Nath

This piece of jewelry is stylish yet easy. It brings years of tradition together and is breathtaking on any bride. Also, there are different types of naths that come into this category. If you want a big nose ring, you can get it custom made.


6. Stone Studded Simple Nath

There are lots of trendy brides who do not want to wear heavy naths and set a new trend by choosing some iconic pieces that are both trendy and stylish. Look at this elegant stone-studded nose-ring with a single chain of pearls. I am definitely sure you would love this new nath style.


Are you excited to wear the best Naths on your Wedding Day? Do not get confused as we have given you a number of choices! Choose the one that goes with your face-cut and outfit. After that, wear it and look awesome.

Also, tell us your favorite design from the above nose ring collection.