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Trendy Blouse Designs For 2020 – Wedamor

The magnificent stage is set, with all the loved ones and well-wishers present along with the beautiful décor mesmerizing everyone and you dressed up gorgeously. It is a very special day, a day to remember for the rest of your life. So you want everything to be extra special, exclusive and exciting. This makes the planning even more difficult, from getting out-of-the-world clothes, jewelry, and accessories to looking after you and your partner’s choices.

The most time-consuming task is choosing your wedding outfit along with clothes for all other functions. With the ever-growing market, increasing varieties, and changing fashion preferences, it becomes a trickier task. Everyone has different tastes and choices when it comes to the outfit of their big day. Starting from particular themes to color-coordinated outfits along with traditional yet modern look, the choices and wants always out power the varieties. The trends have been continuously changing and we need to catch up with it.

Talking about the different pieces of an outfit, the most time taking is deciding the blouse design for getting it stitched perfectly. For this having an insight into the trendy blouse designs for 2020 can make things easier and pretty quick.

Choosing the Perfect Blouse Design

It is a tricky task to get the perfectly fitted and suited blouse for a sari or a lehenga especially when you cannot afford any mistakes. The fit is really important along with looking unique and stylish. There are thousands of designs online to choose from, taking inspiration from celebrities or fashion bloggers. The choice should not only be based on what you like but also according to what you have to wear with it. Sometimes a design suits with a sari but not as the blouse of your lehenga, or any other outfit. There are several things to select and design. Starting from the back design to the sleeves, from the length of the blouse to the extra additions like pom poms, laces, designer patches, and others.

Nowadays along with these extra additions, mix-matching is in fashion. A lot of ladies like to match their sari or lehenga with a different blouse, complimenting the outfit. It helps to have two different looks, making it look trendy and different. It helps to add more color and style to the existing garment along with helping you to give your personal designing touch.

Latest Blouse Designs 2020

With the changing trends, there are new designs coming up in the market, regularly. Few trendy blouse designs for 2020 are :

High Neck Blouse

With the revival of old fashion, the high neck Kurtis, blouses with a high-neck have become famous too. This can be combined with flared sleeves or buttons in front or back.

Blouse with Net Cape

Capes are a trend these days. So, simple blouses with a designer net cape are popular. The cape can be simple and of the same color as the blouse or it could be of different color too. It can also be covered with some design or work.

Full Sleeves or Flared Sleeves Blouse


Flared sleeves are an in-thing for crop tops and Kurtis. Adding it to your blouses has started trending too. Some people also like to have full sleeves blouses. These sleeves could be of the same cloth as the blouse or mix-matching can be done for the sleeves, putting a new look to the blouse.

Top Blouse with Lace

Young girls mostly prefer making their sari and lehenga look modern. For such a look, wearing top blouses with lace or other embroidery work is a new look.

Collar Neck Blouse


With high-neck blouses, collar neck blouses have become famous too. It can include simple collar necks to flared collars or collars with button work.

Backless Blouse with Tassels or Knotted Bow

Backless blouses have gone through a transformation to get something new and trendy. This includes having several tassels all knotted or tied in single or separated knots. It also includes a single knot or bow either stitched or left to be knotted while wearing.

Cold Shoulder or Balloon or Overlapped Sleeves Blouse

The sleeves can have few more changes with overlapped cloth on the side, cold shoulder look with design on the shoulder or even the old-fashioned balloon sleeves.

Gathered or Checkered Back Blouse

The backless blouses can have a bit more styling with checks made by strips of cloth or a bow kind of shape given by gathering both sides of the lower back. Blouses with heart or other designs on the back are also famous.

Front Fringes or Kurti Style Blouse


Along with designs on the back, the front of the blouse can be designed with buttons, fringes or other accessories. It can be designed in the style of a Kurti too with a longer than usual length.