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There is no denying the fact that the look of the Saree enhances by its blouse. Nowadays, a blouse is something that is given more attention than that of the saree. If you are someone who is planning to wear a Saree on the wedding of your sister, friend or some close relative, we are here to help you how you can look sassy and nail the look with these trendy blouse neck styles.

blouse neck styles

Here Are The 7 Trendy Blouse Neck Styles That Compliment Your Saree:

Fret not! We are here to tell you the different and trendy blouse neck styles that you can opt for if you are planning to wear Saree in some functions.

High Neck Blouse

High Neck Blouses are so trendy and women clad in a saree that has high neck blouse look smart and sassy. These blouses can be worn with a half-sleeve or full-sleeve blouse.

Not just this, these blouses can be plain or heavily embellished as per the occasion. With a plain saree, try a heavily embellished blouse as it is in vogue.

blouse neck styles

Off-Shoulder Blouse

Off Shoulder tops were usually worn with jeans. It is recent that women started wearing Off-Shoulder Blouses with Sarees. These blouses are contemporary and chic. From Sonam Kapoor to almost every actress has given this one a try. Guess what? It looks gorgeous on all body types.

The Off Shoulder Blouse is for the modern women who is never afraid to experiment with new things.

blouse neck styles

Boat Neck Blouse

Boat Neck Blouses have become a huge trend and look elegant on women. Women with pear-shaped (broad hips and thighs and comparatively narrow shoulders and busts) body should definitely give it a try.

There are so much of variety that is possible in boat neck blouses. They come in floral-thread work, sequin-thread work, mesh, velvet. Choose as per the occasion and the season and you are good to go.

blouse neck styles

Halter Neck Blouse

There was a time when only the actresses in the movies used to wear these types of blouses. But now, the popularity of halter neck blouses has increased and should be given a chance if you plan to wear a Saree.

These blouses look appealing and pairing them with sarees works wonders and gives a twist to the otherwise traditional saree.

blouse neck styles

Deep-V Neck Blouse

Deep-V neck Blouses are not new but that doesn’t mean it is out-of-trend. This is a classic style which looks gorgeous and sultry when paired with a saree.

Most of the time, Women don’t prefer deep-V neck blouses thinking it may be too much or they may not be able to carry them decently. In that case, you may use net in some part of the neckline so that you feel comfortable.

blouse neck styles

Square Neck Blouse

Square Neck Blouse is another stylish neckline which can transform a simple look into a glamorous one. These blouses look good with all kinds of Sarees. Square neck blouse has a simple shape but based on that never underestimate its beauty. It looks very pretty and is well suited for every occasion.

blouse neck styles

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One Shoulder Blouse

Let’s face it, One-shoulder blouse is a bold one and is not for women who don’t have the confidence to pull it off. This looks very attractive with Saree and if you have toned arms and shoulders, it’s a win-win situation. This style is going to rule in functions like Engagement, Reception.

blouse neck styles

You must have spotted your favourite actress wearing a plain saree on several occasions and that has become possible only because of the trendy blouses that add a style statement to the overall look. The blouses are the soul of the look if you are wearing a saree on any occasion. The neckline of the blouse should also be taken into account to make your body proportion look balanced.

You can pick even the dullest of the color for your Saree and it will look drop-dead gorgeous if you have invested in a good blouse.

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