Creative Twists In Traditions For Weddings

Thinking of the old, traditional Indian wedding, what really comes to mind is boring and only boring. But surely, it doesn’t have to be that way in today’s world. We become so much invested in planning a wedding according to traditions and rituals that we forget what we actually want and what all are our interests. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you completely forget the important customs and rituals, but adding a hint of modernity and customizing it according to the couple’s interest has its own magic. Nowadays, weddings have become more personalized. An element of personalization comes when couples choose to add a “twist” to already existing traditions. Listed below are some creative ways in which you could perform the traditional rituals but with some TWISTS!

Walking Down The Aisle

In most Indian cultures, there is a way of the bride walking down the aisle along with her brothers and father which represents a way of “giving away” his sister or daughter. The scene when this happens is quite filmy and emotional but in modern-day it can create few problems. It is a sexist idea that first of all father and then the husband own women. This also raises questions in same-sex or LGBTQ weddings, like who walks who down the aisle and who stays at the altar? There are also, of course, many people who don’t have fathers or good relationships with their fathers. Hence, there are various ways in which this practice could be altered like walking the aisle all alone or with your close family members or with your partner. 



MENgagement Rings

The latest twist in tradition has to be men’s engagement ring. Why should only girls get to wear these rings and show off their bling? Hence, this is especially for gay couples apart from just straight couples.

Shouldn’t they also enjoy showing off their pals that they are engaged?


Not Seeing Each Other Until Wedding Day

It is an age-old tradition of not seeing your fiance (apart from functions) until the wedding day. Logistically, it can be a simpler task but emotionally, it can get a huge struggle. It is the most important change that is going to take place in your life and strangely, you cannot meet the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life. A comforting way to be with each other, without breaking the tradition, would be to write each other a letter, sending gifts and just trying to escape once for a long drive. At least by not meeting but by doing these, you can assure that you are there for one another.



No More Red Lehngas

Brides and for that matter grooms have ditched the RED color for their wedding dresses and are preferring pastels shades. Also, now it’s more of color-coordinated outfits for the bride and groom which adds aesthetics to the photos and then further the theme is also decided accordingly giving a personalized touch. The traditional idea of wearing only a red color for wedding has been ditched now giving it a modern twist. Many brides are choosing to have different colored undertones, such as blush, gold, or even blue. The boldest of the bold will even have patterns or prints on their dresses, not just one solid color.


Men Adding Their Wives Surname

Traditionally, after the wedding, it is the wife who changes her surname and gets her husband’s surname attached after her name. But nowadays, this has become reversed. Obviously, a man taking the last name of the wife isn’t that normal and always draws attention from all quarters since it’s seemingly a violation of established social norms. But this is an interesting way to create a twist to the already existing traditions and norms. More than any other time in history, men are taking the last names of their wives. The number of women who have decided to stick to their maiden names after the marriage has also gone up. Many people think that men who adopt their wives’ last names have a problem; the truth is today’s man has very solid reasons for doing so like one way of the man showing support for her wife, belief of equal rights for both man and women, when wife’s surname sounds better, wife’s family accepting him over his own family for marriage and more such. 

Today’s India is a blend of old and new where traditions try to match with modernity against the backdrop of big fat Indian weddings. That’s what today, in reality, people are also facing issues with, the dilemma of bringing the modern twists while not disturbing the traditional aspects of a holy institution like a wedding. Not to forget, it is the traditions and values that have made us what we are today and we shall continue to coexist with them along with the changes in the industry.