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Do you want to thank all your guests for their valuable presence and priceless blessings on your D-day? And are you planning to surprise them by showing your gratitude in a UNIQUE way? So, dear readers, we have brought for you, a list of unique return gifts for your wedding guests.

Unique Return Gifts For Your Wedding Guests

1. Ethnic Potli Bags

                                     unique return gifts for your wedding guests unique return gifts for your wedding guests

Source: http://craftmantra.com/

If anything has to be on top amongst the latest trends of return gifts, it has to be these cute and elegant Potli bags for sure. From children to elders, from young girls to ladies, everyone would be delighted to have these handy bags to keep their essential things. Also, adding the traditional flavor, put in a hand mirror or small painted idol/Rudraksha/Peacock hangings.

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2. Mobile Pouch

unique return gifts for your wedding guests

Source: craftsvilla.com

I am sure, all my friends will agree to this, that mobile pouch is the most sort after product these days and that’s what makes them one of the perfect wedding return gifts. But make sure you add uniqueness to it by presenting either jute or embroidered mobile pouches. Personalized color selection according to the choice of recipients will be icing on the cake.

3. Crockery/Cutlery Items With History

wedding gifts .    Source: Unsplash

You might be thinking that crockery/cutlery are a part of traditional gift items. Well, you are absolutely right!! But my friends, when you present the same old thing with a new outlook, new idea and a creative innovation, it wears a different look. Take, for example, a set of mugs in the form of personalized coffee mugs for each member of the family with related images all over its surface. Sounds COOL??

4. Coffee and Tea Samples

unique return gifts for your wedding guests

Source: thegunnysack.com

I must say, people will give you more blessings (from the bottom of their heart) if you choose these as your wedding return gifts. You have to be personally involved in arranging these. Get a dozen of varieties of beverages after doing a wise research and present them after beautifying with eye-catching packaging. Here, is a piece of cautionDon’t forget to mention the source and description of each sample.

5. Eco-Friendly Products as Return Gifts

If you ask me- what is the most in-demand gift item today; my answer would undoubtedly be “Eco-friendly products”. And I am confident all our readers will agree in unison to this. With people becoming more aware and conscious about the need to maintain the purity of the mother nature, no idea can be better than gifting environment-friendly jute shoppers or jute carry bag or anything made of recycled resources or waste material.

6. Card/Letter- Key Holder cum Pen Stand

unique return gifts for your wedding guests

Source: Dewanigifts.com

If you have business-oriented families on your guest list and wish to add on some elegant, formal and useful items as return gifts, then, this option of card/letter- key holder cum pen stand will surely put a nice and long-lasting positive impression in the minds of your business/work colleagues. These can either be wooden or metallic with a good range of varied designs and shades.

7. Marble Clocks as Return Gifts

unique return gifts for your wedding guests

Source: Homebook.pl

These are the best choice for some targeted guests like who are highly conscious about maintaining their indoors in sync with ongoing fashion or are fond of equipping their homes with antique collections. This clock could surely add some magic to the receiver’s home interiors.

8. Diya Thalis

unique return gifts for your wedding guests

Source: Homemakeover.in

How about giving a cultural glow to the return gifts!!! Designer Marble Diya Thalis will be perfect ones to fit in this category. These thalis will find a permanent place in your guest’s home due to its valued utility. Also, if they carry the names of the gift presenter and the occasion, you and your special day could be remembered for a long time.

9. Paintings

Everyone wants walls of their home to be decorated by beautiful and antique paintings. Isn’t it? But shopping them is either out of budget or out of busy work schedule. So, why not present them one as a return gift!!! YES.. and this one seems to be the best amongst them.

unique return gifts for your wedding guests

Source: pixi-art.com

Last but not the least, don’t forget to attach a thanksgiving Post Card with a personal note along with the unique return gifts for your wedding guests. This would make your guests feel highly respected and valued.

Also, do tell us about your favorite out of these in the comment box and Thank You so much for reading.