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Many couples have had to postpone their wedding in light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. The original date would have been chosen by both families after much consideration, and it is heartbreaking that you couldn’t celebrate on this day. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make your original date special. But couples all around are finding fun ways to make this day special. In this article, we bring you our favourite ideas on how you can make the original wedding date a day to remember. 

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A Wedding Party For Two

If you are quarantined with your fiance, then plan a special day for both of you. Plan in advance and do activities which both of you will like. Dress up and click a few photos. You can wear your original wedding attire or anything else that feels right. Open a bottle of bubbly and toast your life together. Make a special dinner and dance to your favourite song. Take a break from work and other daily chores and spend the day entirely devoted to each other. 

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Bake Your Wedding Cake

If you have been bitten by the baking bug that seems to be going around, then this one is for you. You may be able to enjoy the fancy multi-tiered cake that you had initially planned, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy something sweet. The whole baking process is also a great bonding exercise.

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Write A Love Letter

This is a beautiful idea, especially if you are separated from your partner. There is something special about penning down your honest thoughts. Separation makes the situation a lot harder on both of you. Letting him/her know your thoughts and feelings on this special day will be a very heartfelt gesture and something which can be treasured forever. 

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Zoom With Your Loved Ones

Arrange a Zoom party with your loved ones because what is a wedding without friends and family. They will also be bummed out by the fact they were not able to attend your wedding, so call them and show some love. Fix a time in advance so that maximum people can participate. You can have a cocktail hour, a virtual dinner or even a mini ceremony. On the other hand, you can arrange a game night and have a night of virtual fun. 

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Make Your Vows

If both of you believe that this is the day your married life starts or all intents and purposes, then read out your vows to each other. You may want to alter them to include the new things you have learned about each other due to this pandemic and how it has brought you two closer to each other. To make it a little more unique, you can write these down on individual cards. You can even dress up and make it a small, formal event. Sharing your promises with each other will make you feel connected on a more intimate level. 

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Reminisce On Your Journey Together

Take this day as an opportunity to relive your days together. Your first meeting, your first date, first kiss, first fight (might want to be careful with this one) and so on. This will be a great bonding experience and will help you realise how far you have come as a couple. If possible visit a place which has a special meaning to you. Or you can order from your favourite haunt and listen to your favourite shared music.

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Our hearts go out to you if you have had to postpone your wedding. We hope that you were able to get some ideas to celebrate your wedding date.