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Dance and games is what makes weddings fun. They let your guests to know each other and make way for bonding amongst relatives on both sides. There are many easy, super fun game ideas perfect for almost all pre-wedding events. We have collated here for you some of the popular ideas. 

Fun Activities & Games To Do On Your Mehendi Day! | Indian wedding ...


Him Or Her

Here all the guests get two paddles, either with ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ written on them or with their photos on them. The crowd are asked fun and embarrassing questions about the couple and they raise the paddle of whom they think the question relates to the most. 

Wheel Of Fun

This is a game which encourages guests to interact with each other. The wheel is labelled with various activities or dares which can be customised according to your wish. Some of the popular dares are “Show Us Your Dance Moves”, “Bride & Groom Kiss”, “Bring Out Your Dance Moves” or “Choose A Couple To Kiss”.



Jenga Is Always Fun

We can all agree that Jenga is a super fun game for any occasion. Wedding Jenga is a variation of the regular Jenga where the blocks are bigger and broader. They have dares written on them, and it is also a great idea for guests from the two families to get to know each other. Lawn Jenga has been popular for quite some time now, and we do not see it going out of style any time soon. 

This is such a Great Idea For A Wedding Reception Decor From a Virginia DIY Wedding. They Used Jenga Blocks For the Guest to Sign and Leave Marriage Advice, #DIYWedding #Wedding #Jenga #WeddingDecor


The Shoe Game

This is a variation of the “Him or Her” game which just the bride and groom play. It is easy to organise and super fun to watch. Here, the couple is asked questions related to their relationship and the person whom the question refers to the most, raises his or her shoe. Try and ask exciting and maybe even slightly embarrassing questions to keep the game lively. It is all the more fun if the bride and groom are a few drinks down. 

Who's more romantic? bride and groom hold up shoes to represent their answers


Karaoke Competition

A Karaoke competition is perfect for your Mehndi night or Reception party. Down those drinks and sing to your heart’s content. Singing is sure to lift everyone’s spirits and make the party super fun.

Instead of a first dance, the bride and groom did a karaoke song :) - We should SO do this! @Vanessa Freund, this seems like you and Erik :)


Tug Of War

A classic game that can be played between the bride squad and groom squad. It is a game that everyone is familiar with, and everyone is sure to take part in it enthusiastically. To mix things up a bit, you can have make the losing team do fun dares. 


A Giant Twister

Twister is always a fun game to play. Set up a giant Twister mat on the lawn area and let the guests have at it. Instead of signboards, you can have music playing and the emcee announce what the next colour is going to be. All other rules are the same as the usual game. 

#FirstPerson: "We Held Our Own 'Wedding Olympics' Event Which Was Full Of Fun & Games!"



You can have boards set up on the table or have a giant one set up in the lawn area. You can replace the X’s and O’s with the couple’s initials to make it more personalised. This is a game which will get over fast and hence more people will be ready to play it. 


Paper Dance

Your search for a romantic game ends right here. Here you have small squares of paper on the ground, and the couples have to dance without stepping out of the paper. The paper is folded after each song to make it more difficult. The farther you progress, the closer you get to each other. 

We hope that we given you some great ideas and that you have a lot of fun playing the same at your wedding.